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byRandyMac, September 7, 2006
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I downloaded the AdsManager Classifieds Component and didn't expect to see much, but I was soon impressed with this new extension. We have wanted to add a classifieds section to our news portal to augment our new Mosets Directory Tree and soon to be added Hot Property extensions, and Thomas Papin's AdsManager is the answer.

There are a few things that can be improved, but all in all this extension does what it says. We found out that we can have sub-categories, and we look forward to providing feedback to Thomas to make this a truly must have extnesion for Joomla. Good stuff Thomas.

We have started creating some USER documentation for AdsManager, and some tech notes to use this extension and have created a number of Classifieds category images (icons) and will send them to Thomas Papin so he might include them in a future version to help users get this Classifieds extension up on their Joomla sites quicker.

West Kootenay Unplugged
byRandyMac, June 8, 2006
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I have been trying to find an easy to use streaming video extension for my sites, and after much disappointment with all others, this fantastic AllVideos Bot for Joomla shows up in new extensions. I downloaded the AllVideos bot, uploaded the bot in the standard Joomla way without any issues.

So simple. Then I read the simple docs on how to use it, then set up a YouTube video account, uploaded a video to YouTube, received the code for my first YouTube video. I then copied the video_id code for YouTube use as specified in the docs: {youtube}video_id{/youtube} ---> and then embedded video to my video content using the following Mambot Strings that were made available from my first YouTube video: {youtube}cNzLAT-CdT8{/youtube} I then pasted this string into a new Newsitem, added a menu to access this news item content URL, held my breathe, and wowwweeeee. Video at last, video at last. Fanatstic and hats off to the Developer Fotis Evangelou for this Video Bot. Great stuff! RandyMac