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byRangersMoon, February 12, 2013
I originally tried this plugin some years ago but wasn't really sure about its usefulness. However recently my site has been really suffering from spurious sign-ups and, in another case a serious attempt at MySql insertion. Revisiting this plugin and installing it has eliminated the problem (till the bad boy start using proxies on me, I guess).

Oh and to avoid a wee panic and much blinking - ensure you use the correct version for 2.5 (as mentioned in the instructions above)!
byRangersMoon, July 15, 2011
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Considering what it does, this is a remarkable package! The default installation worked perfectly and with the use of platform appropriate modules and plugins provides super flexibility.

I had actually spent a couple of days building a semi-clone of my main site for mobiles and was contemplating the oncoming difficulty of keeping the two sites in sync. Had I known about this two days before I would willingly have forked out a decent sum for it.

However it does have drawbacks, of a minimal sort. First the ads, take away from a business website so I removed them using the FREE plug-in [guys you really should charge a few bucks for that!] Secondly, for testing purposes I used iBBdemo2 and when I switched to "Standard Version" I could not switch back and could not clear cache on the simulator. To avoid the cache problem I disabled that module too, in case it affects devices I have not had a chance to test with. Finally some of the modules do not display well on the mobile, particularly wide forms. When I have time I shall create mobile versions in hidden menus on the main site to get around that too.

Overall in my opinion, an essential extension.
byRangersMoon, March 7, 2011
The major hurdle I had to overcome was actually installing the package. This appears to be a shared problem as the situation of hanging during the install process is documented and the workaround procedure explained.

Once past that hurdle every thing works as far as I have used it so far (with Facebook, Flickr and Twitter combined into a single feed).

A big plus is not having to mess around with getting app ids from the sites as some extensions require.

It's not expensive and it would have cost me considerable time and hassle to think out a similar way to use free extensions so therefore I don't grudge the contribution towards costs!

So persevere to get it installed and you'll appreciate the effort! Of course it would be even better if it could be packaged in a more friendly manner.
byRangersMoon, February 21, 2011
HOT Login
Very easy to install and configure with helpful tool tips to explain the parameters.

On my site using Firefox it looks great too but using IE8, not quite so good and that's good old Microsoft's issues with displaying styles and using the alternate images helped a bit.

I'd also like an option to simply leave the original login module in in place too, though you can add a second login module to achieve that.

Actually I feel a bit mean deducting a star for what is, not really, the developer's fault!