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byRaviOnline, December 14, 2011
I feel really sorry that this extension isn't getting its due credit here. Some of the reviews have been totally unfair to overlook the description that clearly states (right on the first line itself) that this extension works with blogs only! :)

I also wonder why people couldn't see that this is the only free extension that can bridge Joomla with a blog. WordPress doesn't share your blog's back-end database connection details so every other extension available is unusable at the moment.

Please, have a look at to understand the extension better. There's a video tutorial as well.

+ Simple to install. Easy to use.
+ Supports caching of blog posts. Time out can be configured.

- The extension is dependent on what API is exposed by to the developers so it isn't likely to have too many features (like support for comments, like buttons etc.)
- No support for pagination. Number of posts to display needs to be changed in your blog's settings.

It's a work in progress still very stable and quite usable if you keep your expectations in check.

I think the developers are definitely busy adding bells and whistles and the extension would get better with time but subject to WordPress API limitations.

I'll rate this 4/5 but I'm giving 5 stars to offset some of the (in my opinion) unfair reviews.