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byRazster, January 15, 2013
Dropbox Component
If you have a need for clients to upload anything and don't want them uploading data to your web server, this is the extension you need! This is helping my company, saving us time and steps... Just check your dropbox folder and bam! Files are there, no more FTP and downloading.
byRazster, January 15, 2013
Redirect on Login (pro)
I installed the Free version because this is all I need.

I have a menu item I want certain user groups to see and redirect to them, while I have a 2nd user group which I want them to go to another menu which neither can see.

Much harder than I thought it would be until I found this awesome redirect on login extension!

Thank you!
byRazster, December 31, 2010
I used to Export my Users, all 400 of them and then Userport to finish it up... All in all EASY as pie.