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byRedfern, July 25, 2014
Antivirus Website Protection
Ok,i got to try this extension. Installing was easy, getting API key was super-easy and fast. First thing i noticed - they give you "trial" for one month with 30 scans total. And that "month" always ends according to calendar, so if you try this extension at end of month you will get just few days to try it. After that its 5$ per month.
But thats is not problem, really.
Main problem is strange results - i mane scat, it taken 10-15 minutes and i got report that "8400 files scanned, all clean, but few is suspicious". Thats ok.
Next day, however, i started to get TONS of mails with "your site is HACKED". These mails all pointed to same file (part of one certain 3rd-party component), which, after visual review is perfectly ok. Mail i received was pointing to scan report with "null" id and repeated scan again said its all clean, but, this time its marked WHOLE cache as suspicious.
Somehow it feels to me that main purpose is to make it sound scary or something and force customer to get subscription, but it only a guess.
Owner's reply

When you got report with id NULL, that day we got a bug and it was fixed the same day.

byRedfern, July 6, 2014
Qlue Sitemap
One of the easiest sitemaps ever. You just install it, take ling and feed it to Google.
Working like a charm.
(only bad thing - not yet updated for Joomla 3)
byRedfern, July 6, 2014
Zh YandexMap
This module allows one to embed yandexMap in any place of Joomla website. Working great for showing map at footer (for example). All options inherited from map created in main component, so you just publish it and its all done.
One of my necessary standard modules.
Maxi Menu CK
I used this menu module for creating horizontal menu - other similar modules had rudimentary horizontal output.
This one is just great, but, unfortunately, free version is very limited in term of configuration.
Without paying you cannot either change colors (need to purchase themes), cannot configure how menu looks ( need to purchase Params Plugin), mobile "responsive" output becomes utterly broken (need to purchase Mobile plugin). And all that options sold separately.
Even documentation itself is not free.
I feel this is great product, and understand that developement need to be funded, but this is way too much of "bait and switch" strategy.
I recommend to look for other products if you need more config options, like color, in free version. Cinch Menu for example.
Owner's reply

thank you for your review. For the colors, you can do what you want by editing the theme file and using your own CSS. No need to pay for this.

byRedfern, April 26, 2014
Actually, this components is very simple to use - you just create new menuitem and give it your picasa\google photo user ID and where is magic starts - its show picasa albums hosted on Google just like they on your site.
Its great way to offload some photos to google. I wish they update it for upcoming Joomla 3.5
This is absolutely freaking great plugin if you want to JUST have thumbnails with image pop-ups without any hassle with article-editors and so on.
In my case - i use XML-RPC for posting articles (via blog client) and mostly dont use Joomla back-end at all. I searched for plugin which can convert my images (usual and typical part of content i post) in thumbnails and most alternative plugins which i found here need either manual html tinkering (image classes, or interaction with editor or use of {plugin} syntax. Its all not very WYSISWYG nor XML-RPC friendly. With this i just, once, configure all parameters i need, set it up and...its JUST working. Moreover, its working (with little additional configuration) with Flexicontent, good alternative for standard content output, which, unfortunately, is weakly supported by plugin developers.
Thank You!
byRedfern, April 25, 2014
JT Safe jQuery
Actually, i very like this one plugin. Its works smarter then other - its load Jquary (from Google CDN) ONLY if there is no other instances already loaded, thus it making not necessary to always disable JQury from each modules\plugins\components which load it too.
But thats exactly where i stumbled on problem - this plugin sometimes places its code much later then it should.
Its works fine, generally, but, fir example, BK-multithumb is not working -its expects Jquery to be loaded earlier
byRedfern, April 25, 2014
Pretty much good manadatory Jquery loader, but...there is several weal points.
1)there is just several version of JQ to use
2)Its always load from your site, no option for CDN
3) JQ loaded via PHP script, instead of serving jut static js file
4) and, most bad, no matter that i do, my browser, Firefox, NEVER cache it. On each reload Jquery is realoaded again and again.
Thats making me to look for another plugin.
Owner's reply

Hi, thanks for pointing that out. We just included the latest jQuery versions!

The cache issue you mentioned probably comes from your console, usually caching is disabled when the console is open.

byRedfern, April 9, 2013
Zoom In
I looked for such thing for some time and was very excited with it but...
1) There is not enough of option, like lens size. You can edit it manually, at least.
2) Plugin works only with standard com_content. No effect in Flexicontent.
So, i was forced to search for plugin that works on Flexicontent this time.
Owner's reply

It should work with Flexi content. probably a jquery conflict. We have updated with better jquery interaction and added a click or hover option as well as making it Joomla 3 ready.

byRedfern, April 9, 2013
Cinch Menu
Its just do all that it promise to do.
Enough of option and easy to configure.
byRedfern, March 19, 2013
DB Replacer
This tool is very useful to power administrators. With it you can easily replace something with something almost system wide. In example, you can fix broken static links on domain change.
That i dont like about it, is that as far this extension evolves, its actually becomes less and less feature complete - features previously available for free in 2.1 ("Where" option and regexp) was removed in later free version, moved to paid version. I appreciate developers hard working but i doubt this is right way.
byRedfern, March 18, 2013
Its really easy to install and pretty easy to set-up it said in documentation, "recommended to disable cachingЭю In my situation disabling caching is not option, and in pair with JotCache this extension works poorly. Mobile detection simply not working, and dirty hack like binding template to menu items gives even more erratic behavior.
I see this extension pretty great, but it its not like it can be used in any situation
byRedfern, September 4, 2012
Phoca Guestbook
I using this extension for pretty long time. While it was on joomla 1.5 it was definitely not best, but it got much better with Joomla 2.5
I generally don't have problem with this extension at all except...SPAMMERS! Oh, i don't know how but they bypass reCaptcha and sending tons of spam...
I know it's not extension problem, but everyone who wants guestbook should be ready to deal with spam.
Owner's reply

Hi, answered many times in forum and many times here (see below for more information about spam)

Every site which gets input from users and is known, it will get spam attacks (for example, I am solving now problems with over thousands attacks in few minutes on one server - no joomla, no phoca guesbook - easy html site with input :-( )

So protection against spam, attacks, etc. should be done mostly on server (e.g. with help of security modules on Apache, etc.) and needs to be checked regularly. :-( :-(


byRedfern, June 5, 2012
Zh YandexMap
Installed and worked as a charm.
I very glad that used it, but waiting for Api 2.0 support

This extention works great to show path for magazine, marks on city map and other means
Performance is optimal for Russia. since it use Yandex maps, for non-Russia GoogleMaps maybe better.

Config is little too complicated, maybe, for simple "find us on map" page it's overkill, but still - very powerful, lot of abilities and ways to configure.
Owner's reply

The API v2 is coming soon.
I've done about 70%.
Just wait a little ;)

byRedfern, August 12, 2008
I searched for this plugin several days...Pluin just doing that he offer exactly!
This plugin need to be included in Joomla...even more - included in core!