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Reece S

byReece S, March 18, 2009
Absolutely amazing! Not only does it do exactly what it claims to do, but the support team is fantastic too. They even confirmed a feature addition to me in their next release. I shan't say too much here as I am not at liberty to make their plans publically known.

Fantastic component, brilliant team, and the best potential of any component I seen so far. This is a BETA component, but it does more than I need it to do, and with the reassuring stability of a mature extension.

Thanks Guys!
byReece S, February 22, 2009
Although the rest of the features in this plugin work perfect, the keywords generator does not. Maybe I am doing something wrong (which, naturally, I doubt) but I tried everything to get it working and had no luck. It does not have any documentation or guides to help neither, and as for support, a author's website would be a good idea let alone forum. This plugin has great potential, but right now, I will stick to the conventional way... Manual Editting.
Regards, Reece.
Owner's reply

If you use the option "regenerate all" the keywords are saved in the articles (after loading website again). Without "regenerate all" you can only see the keywords in the source text of the website.
Sorry - documentation in english isn't so easy.