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byReload, October 13, 2010
The player does exactly what it says, and is the easiest way I've found so far of streaming a shoutcast radio to a webpage.

I have had a little problem with it though, in that you really do need to check with your web host that your able to open the necessary port BEFORE buying this.

I emailed them afterwards only to found they are unwilling to open the ports on a shared server, and this mod requires the port to be open to function properly.

To it's credit, the author is very helpful and fast to reply and it does still play the stream without the port open, however it slows the website down by a good 5-10 seconds or more whilst loading. Just something to consider before purchase.
Owner's reply

99% of hosts release the port, because a webradio to work correctly the music is recommended to open the port of the stream, but the module can work anyway.

To do this in the admin module option to display song name and the number of listeners need to be disabled.

There's this option in the module, but the biggest attraction of this module and differential display is the
name of the song and the number of listeners in the radio page, with automatic update ( AJAX REFRESH ).

Just ask the host to release the port and the module will work 100% perfect !