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byRenderking, April 16, 2013
Include Component
This is a very very useful and good plugin.
Simple to use and works very well!

The way of documentation is not so well styled, but enough.

Quick help and support even this is a free plugin.

Thanks very much for this little piece of gold for Joomla!
byRenderking, November 15, 2012
Pay per Download
Ratmils Pay Per Download is one of the best components for Joomla!

At the beginning it may appear not so complex but it works really well and is great for selling not only downloads but in general access to Joomla content and resources.

It easy to setup and understand.

The price is absolutely fair and support very good and fast!!!
(Of course you have to pay a little extra, but if you are serious with this you are about to make some money with it anyway, right?)

Thanks for this nice component!

PS: Also checkout other plugins and components like Encrypt for secure login.
byRenderking, August 2, 2011
What? Nothing!
The easiest extension ever!
Never had anything running that well!

Thanks! It made my day .... ;-)
Freestyle Support
I used the free Freestyle FAQs lite on our company page and was despite a few minor issues quite happy with it. So just recently bought the Freestyle Support Portal as it seemed a good, complex and nice way to give support for all the software and hardware products we offer.
But when I run into some problems I realized that it is not well documented and still has certain problems. This may be due to the still new Joomla 1.6 release.
The ticket system looks quite nice and useful and the amount of additional features, like Knowledge Base and Glossary cross-linking, is really good.
But Freestyles own support responds to their software is not so good (and it's the only thing you can turn too as the forum is much hidden and dead with lots of spam).
It's a little shame that their nice concept and look is a little bit lacking.
Still I hope that there will be soon a new release 2 as somewhere announced and my bug feedback helps to improve it.

Really wanna use this nice component without regret to have bought it.

So keep on developing it guys !!! ;-)