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byRescue9, June 21, 2009
Joom Donation
After waiting weeks for the "promised" new version that included the options I needed, I decided to move on to another plugin. If you read the forums regarding this plugin, you'll see the developer not answering consumers questions, as well as multiple missed deadlines.

Support is definitely lacking. You may get lucky and have the plugin do exactly what you want, or you may get stuck paying $15 for something that you can't get support on. Be sure to read the forums if you're still interested in this plugin.

BTW, after not receiving any support from the developer on this plugin, I decided to move on to the FreePayPal plugin. Take a look at it, associated reviews, and the forums to see the difference in support. Having a plugin that does almost exactly what this plugin does is a help as well.
Owner's reply

We are only late for the new version of the extensions(with recurring donation and other features which we planed) because we have been busy for our projects . Regarding the support, we believe that we are providing best support to our client . We even do personal customization for clients free
Why did you give us this rating ? Joom Donation don't work as we said ?
To other customers who reading this reviews, please look at other reviews below and check our forums to see our support .
Ossolution Team

PayPal Donations Lite
I needed a quick easy plugin for a site that I was developing, and started using FreePayPal Donations. After a few weeks, I wanted something with more features so I looked into purchasing one of the commercial (read: costs money) plugins listed near the top of the donations plugin list here.

However, after contacting the developer numerous times without any support, I decided it was time I try to contact Drew for a bit of help regarding FreePayPal Donations.

Drew was VERY quick to respond and even coded some quick changes to suit our needs within the first 24 hours. Subsequent emails with him have always been answered quickly and courteously.

The plugin itself has always functioned as expected. Setup was quick and easy and there are plenty of configuration options available. Having the ability to place individual modules throughout the site is great, and being able to keep track of all donations through the administration panel is wonderful.

In short, I would definitely recommend this plugin for anyone who's looking for a quick, easy, and extremely configurable way of dealing with PayPal donations.