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byReviewExpert, November 26, 2010
Multi Sites
It has been several years that I have been using this extension. Earlier, I purchased the 1.1 version. Then I had to pay full price of the 1.2 because there was no update version.

For some reason there are problems in the logic of programming. Since years I hoped that this developer will learn to understand the problems of admin and will remove the faulty logic. He does not.

Now sometimes the saving of new sites does not work and after saving it gives a white page. It in fact did save the configuration but somewhere in the middle it dies.

Hence I ended up many times to completely remove the component and reinstall it all again. After that it works.

Now I was trying to uninstall a couple of components from the master site to be removed from the slave sites (it has a management tools inside).
I saw multisite in the newly created site. So I uninstalled it. I found that the newly connected site was uninstalling the multisite component from the master site.

The newly created site did not create the configuration of the slave site and hence was getting to the master site.

I did not realise this immediately. So I deleted all the mysql tables from the slave site. Only then I found that it was connecting the master.

Those are the practical problems in using this component. It works indeed ok.

There is an installation directory of joomla. I thought that the developer will somehow change the name sometime in the login. Now the multisite uses this installation directory for some parts of the module diversion. So if your configuration gets damaged like mine, then it will point to the installation. I fooled myself when I began to reinstall every thing again and found that everything was in the database. Only the multisite was screwed up. After renaming or backing up it works agains.

So this is a nightmare it something small goes wrong and the whole installation does not work.

Now the programmer does not offer any forum. Emails does not always gets answered. So there are not much possibilities to complain.

It would be better to change the handling of all the sites for the administrator.

I write this because I was just now fooled by the component and was furious as this was just the programing logic that the guys does not change it since many years.
Owner's reply

As the customer does not seems to have found the forum, it is possible either to access it from the "support" button present in this page or the menu forum present in our website or directly at the address

byReviewExpert, September 6, 2009
Mosets Tree
The Component is practically useless for any serious website activity, if you want to use it professionally. However, if you have a hobby site, you may not worry as it will do the job without worrying about any liability. A professional use requires that others could insert a link as well as modify it without a lot of problems and confusion. I cannot confirm this.

1) They just promise that it will be done, but never implemented.

2) The categories structuring and loading did not function properly i.e. is messy and complicated for a member who may want to pay.

3) Import from gossamer Links did not function properly. The custom fields from gossamer did not get imported.

4) The template provided is difficult to customise. To make anathor template and assure that it will work with the system of moset has proved for me to be a nightmare. The provided template gives an impression that it will work. But not if you want to customise it a bit.

5) I could not get it worked with a few other extensions as described here by other users.

I am very disappointed with the software.