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JExtBOX Article Auto Manager
I originally also had a MySQL Syntax problem with this component / plug-in however customer service was prompt and individual. A new version was developed through testing on my Joomla 3.3.3 installation and we managed to fix the bug. The component and plugin is now working perfectly with no further syntax error. The unique point of putting a FEATURED article on not-featured is what attracted me to this component in particular. It should be standard to put a timing to featured articles, but it is not yet. So thank you to the programming team for looking at my indivdual problem and developing this component further.
I have recently changed from a Joomla 2.5 to Joomla 3.x website and had problems with getting my former RSS Feed importer (Feedgator) to work so I changed to this extension and I have to say that not only the extension with its many options but especially the customer service are outstanding. Within less than 24 hours I had numerous replies to a small problem in setting up the feeds the way I wanted them to import into my site from the customer service, not only this, they also helped me with some overall settings on Joomla which I wasn't yet accustomed to (Joomla 3.x vs Joomla 2.5). The money spent on this extension is well worth it and I am glad for the investment!