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byRicky_O, May 31, 2009
Job Grok List
It is rare today to find a vendor that when you have an issue with their product or service, that they understand that the success of their business relies on the success of each and every transaction. Such has been my experience with JobGrok.
When I was having problems with their site and getting the information I needed, within an hour of sending them an email with the problem, they responded, wanted to know what happened and most importantly, wanted to know where the process of me having a positive experience with their website appeared to go wrong. This was a staircase of steps above the status quo in customer relations. It is obvious they wanted to not only solve a problem, but they also wanted to know how they could fix and IMPROVE ON a problem that could be hindering others as well.
I strongly encourage others to consider this vendor in your choice-making.
byRicky_O, April 3, 2008
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Page Peel Banner
Great looking gizmo. Once again, we get to hunt around, spend hours making mistakes, resizing graphics, testing and everything else Joomla is NOT known for.
Why would they do that? Spend tens of hours building it, and walking away unfinished when 2-3 hours of documentation would do it.
I went to the Extenstions page, nothing.
I went to the author's page, it's in German.
I went to the templeplazza page, they NEVER have any docs, and don't this time either.
That's just childishly irresponsible.