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byRipose, October 26, 2008
JCK Editor
I like being able to switch skins since I use both Office 2007 & 2003.
I can EASILY resize FCKeditor to fit my website, the larger the better for accessibility!
File attachment is a much needed feature for me.

On my LOCAL Linux site I can't get Aspell working even though I have the most recent version of it.

I cannot even install FCK on my hosted site, I keep getting a server 2006 error, even though all server settings look fine. FCK is the ONLY plugin that will not install.
Owner's reply

Hi Ripose, Thanks you for your kind review & are sorry to hear that Aspell doesn’t seam to be working for you on your server. I know many users enjoy using it & recently learned that offers Aspell with the JoomlaFCK editor to all their uses. - The only thing I can advise it that you take us up on one of our customer support plan & Andrew or I will look into it for you. Take care d:0)