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byRitadora, November 2, 2013
After reading all the reviews I had hopes for a usable and great free form builder. To make it short, it's not. It's very hard to use on the form editor side and the resulting forms need too many manual css adjustments. You have to be a pro or plenty of time to kill in order to get acceptable results.

I understand the idea to get some contract work by offering an incomplete extension but that doesn't help average users like me who can't spend hourly rates or aren't willing to leave a fair review in exchange.

I think I'll stay with the Form Maker as it's good enough and wait for a really free and great form builder.
Owner's reply

Klick-n-run extensions often contain preformed css styles and css files. That is ok for people who cannot code and who just want something that looks good. For devs this is bad: A sometimes inoverridebale html code combined with hard coded, unaccessable css.

Therefore mod_qlform has the following features:

* compatible to J!-way of coding
* compatible to J!-way of using templates
* offering several ways of data usage
* send e-mail
* store in database
* send admin message
* do anything else you want, if you can code it
* clean html code
* minimal use of stylesheets to guarantee 100 % control via your template css files
* ohh, and it is a free extension

In other words:

A klick-n-run extension is
what some would call a sheep
Beautiful is how they look like,
and mild are they and meek.

Yet sometimes cropping grass is not
what you want or need.
For Attack! or Jump! or some retrievel
you do not take a sheep.

You get yourself a dog,
- it might not look so nice -
To teach him what he has to do
And be it hunting mice.


Conclusion: mod_qlform is not an average module. It can do and be almost anything you want ... if you can code.

(I as a php-dev have done things that are out of the reach of any form generator I know.)

That does not mean it is better than others, just: I take a sheep when I need a sheep; and I take a dog when I need a dog. I dont' complain about sheep nor dogs, I just take them, for what they are.