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byRiverside, March 11, 2012
Very gimmicky IMO. Also, often rejects solutions if they aren't perfectly positioned. Very annoying when it happens quite often. Tried this on several different sites for the past year before deciding to post a review. 50-50 chance of it working is not very professional looking for my sites. No thanks.
Owner's reply

KeyCAPTCHA doesn't require 100% accuracy.
Maybe the issues were in the settings.

It's a pity you didn't open a support ticket.

We would appreciate if you would contact us via our support system on our website.
In this case we will be able to find the real causes of the issues.

byRiverside, July 8, 2011
J2XML Importer
So ridiculous I didn't even have to read any instructions! Just go to anything you want to export, look for the export button. If it's there, it'll handle the items. Select them, export them, then import the files in 1.6 version.

Went without a hitch for me!

I just wish it would do the menus too! But I suppose it really can't do that seeing as menus come with modules, and that's all handled so differently in 1.6.
byRiverside, May 18, 2011
Redirect Failed Login
It does work with SEF. All my sites are SEF. What may cause some to think it doesn't is if one is trying to use an SEF redirect entry in the plugin. That doesn't work. If you use the non SEF link address (the one you find if you open the link properties), and place THAT in the plugin entry it works perfectly. Thanks to the developer for pointing that out in the forum.
byRiverside, April 20, 2011
JW Player
This is actually not the first time I've tried this. I never ended up using it for various reasons. At first it was the lack of any documentation at all (quite a long time ago), now it's because the documentation that does exist frankly isn't very good in my opinion. I did find the PDF's, but from the get go the information there assumes that installation was successful. In my case, it wasn't so even the first step wasn't possible because the tab they said to look for couldn't be found anywhere. There was an error right off the bat that locked all articles I tried to edit. I had to comment out line 19 in the plugin php file, which cleared that up, but may have caused my inability to see what I was supposed to be seeing according to the documentation.

Perhaps contacting them or using the forum I may have been able to clear it up, but the fact is there are other extensions that get the job done much more quickly and without the hassle of jumping trough hoops to get them to work properly.

I don't have time to mess around. I need an extension that either works out of the box and/or has much better documentation than this one.

Time is money. If you're in a hurry, and need a player that works with little hassle, I wouldn't recommend this one.

I'm sure this is probably a great extension if you have the time to work out all the kinks. I don't have the time. If you don't either, I would look elsewhere.
Owner's reply


I take note of your review but this doesn't help here (me as developper and Joomla users who read this), your experience is based on a feeling not a real experience, this problem you describe can come from many reason other than the extension itself.

You say time is money, you have already try this product few month ago, then try again, then you review it here, I think during all this time it was possible for you to ask for help in our forum and understand what's happen.

You say the documentation is poor, there are around 50 pages of documentation, for me it’s not poor, your issue is not yet documented, this is possible but I can’t answer on it like you don’t have ask support in our forum.

Also, you are talking about a plugin !? to edit article ? I don’t understand this, you have commented here a module, there is no "plugin php file", can you give me the exact name of the file/package you have try to install and also the name of the pdf documentation you have read ? more i am reading this more i am pretty sure that you are talking about another extension.

Please feel free to contact us for understanding your issue.

Best Regards

byRiverside, April 7, 2011
Advanced Module Manager
Thanks for this plugin! A fantastic work of art, I must say. For advanced users with a lot more options than I anticipate ever needing, but you never know...

I happened upon this searching for a solution to a fairly unique (I think) need, and it works like a charm and wasn't difficult to figure out at all. I have a demo site where I wanted public users to visit and at least be able to see menus that would normally (on the production sites) only be available to registered users, but on the demo some would work, and others not work. But I also needed a second menu that is fully functional (in the same module position as the "dummy" menus).

So I needed a full, but not fully functional menu for public users ONLY, and a second, duplicate and fully functional menu in the same place, identical in every way except actually functional, available to all registered users.

This plugin did the job.

I had another, more convoluted solution planned that involved creating a totally duplicated environment (duplicate articles and other features) that would, in effect, create a whole collection of "pages" for public users with certain features disabled, and a duplicate identical area where everything actually works, for registered users.

It would have worked, but even though it took me about an hour to fully understand how this plugin works, that was far less time than it would have taken to set up two completely different environments.

Awesome plugin! Thank you VERY much! :D
byRiverside, November 22, 2010
Clicking enable produced instant "Restricted Access" on both back and front end.

Had to remove manually from files and database.

Not worth paying for support just to fix and see if we can fix it.
byRiverside, November 22, 2010
Shadowbox Media Viewer
I'm sure this plugin is great for some, but I found it fairly useless.

First of all, it's entirely markup dependent. There is no control panel. It works behind the scenes, and you have to call it up with code.

If you want an interface that your users can access and use, forget this.

Personally, I can already embed just about anything I want to using code, and don't need this to do so.

The upside is, it appears that this can be installed on any web site, not just Joomla, which is cool, but most extensions listed on are designed for ease of use, minimal code writing, and the ability to allow front end users to easily figure them out and use themselves.

This does not fall into that category.

As a joomla "extension" it fails in my book.
Owner's reply

I'm sorry you didn't find this plugin useful. It was designed to be an easy way to include the wonderful Shadowbox JavaScript library into any Joomla site without needing to modify any code. It's not pretending to be a gallery extension that any of your users can use so sorry if you got that impression.

Just to clarify for other potential users, you will have to manually add rel="shadowbox" to any link you want to open in a Shadowbox, it will not do this for you.

More info on it's usage can be found here:

byRiverside, May 6, 2010
AJAX Shoutbox
It works flawlessly, IF you set it up correctly. I've been using it for a couple of years now, and the only problem I have had is remembering NOT to install the mod that comes in the package. I'm running Joomla 1.5 in legacy mode, with a 1.0 template. There is a second mod that is separate from the one in the package that works perfectly for me with this configuration.

I noticed a complaint about getting spam with this shoutbox. I don't get any spam in mine. It's not that hard to configure your settings to prevent this:

You can set the module to be publically viewed, but restrict the shouts to registered users. That's the first step.

Next, even if you don't want to use it, I recommend installing Community Builder along with the CBRecaptcha plugin (set to appear on BOTH the registration page AND the login reminder page.

I used to have spam problems. Now that I'm using CB and Recaptcha, even with the shoutbox set to be viewed by guests, I don't get ANY spam anymore.

Use Recaptcha and restrict any posting areas of your site to registered users, and the spam will virtually disappear.

Even in the shoutbox!
byRiverside, April 29, 2010
CB plug MyPlayer
Very good for the price. Seamless installation. Very easy to use, and well worth the 15 US dollars.

Fifteen bucks is not a lot to spend to experiment, but there really ought to be a demo of it on their site, not just screen captures, so we can actually SEE it in action before we buy it.

Also, I would have paid significantly more, if only the following features were included:

1: Better back end control over default settings. Autoplay default is a real pain to a lot of users. Looping automatically on is also not desirable for users with only one song. Admin should have the ability to shut these off for all users by default.

2: Only one play list. Would like to see ability to use multiple lists (e.g. for artists with albums).

3: Really need the ability to change where and how it appears in profiles on CB. Would be nice if it could show up in a tab even.

4: Put the user's controls in a hidden slide panel. It's a pain that all lower CB tabs are forced way down the page. Some sites use a lot of tabs so all can't be put on top.

Overall this is a very good plugin, but I have to be honest, I'm not sure I'm going to use it yet.

I do think it deserves the three stars I gave it.

For my purposes, it is average, and doesn't quite cut the mustard.

On the bright side, it looks to me like they are headed in the right direction!
Owner's reply

Hi, Thank you for your review, let me clarify things you maybe missed.
1. We have a demo, actually 2 on profiles and on for CB and Jomsocial profiles
2. we 're thinking about adding multiple playlists
3. As most CB plugins, you can publish it in evrey tab position available in CB profile page, tabbed or not, on top, middle or bottom of the page etc...
4. Users like it in the accordion, parameters are available fast and it has so many of them that having them in the backend user edition would be a pain (especially color parameters etc...)
Have fun and feel free to use our support forum if you need points to be clarified