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byRoBoLoGy13, November 29, 2011
Does what it says, and it's free, which is why I choose Joomla! and open source to begin with. Now, I just need more experience using K2 :).
byRoBoLoGy13, November 26, 2011
Category Block
I gave it 4 stars, only because I'm reviewing the free version, the paid version I'm sure would get a 5. The free version is simple yet does it's job. You get a list, complete with a pic, 'read more', 'add comment', and an intro to the article in a simple scroll window. It's better than the Joomla! default 'list' layout, but not as flashy as paid extensions.
byRoBoLoGy13, November 26, 2011
Newbie with a small site, I love the extension. It gives my page sort of a 'Craigslist' type section where I only have a few categories. It's great for giving your users a simple way to sell items and connect with people on your site. Works great for being just a 'small' part of my site.
byRoBoLoGy13, November 26, 2011
I'm a newbie who's building a 'professional' looking site, and this forum extension was perfect. It's simple, yet, pleasing to the user. It's got a 'new' feel, yet, navigation is simple. Easy installation with 1.7, I dig it.
byRoBoLoGy13, November 26, 2011
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Community Builder
Any 'newbie' starting a page should use this extension in my opinion. Users are the focal point of any webpage, and this easy to install & manage extension allows, like it says, for you to build your own 'community' within your site. I haven't purchased any of the plug-ins for CB, but they seem well worth the price for a newbie like myself who wants to give his users the best experience with limited knowledge and understanding of coding.
byRoBoLoGy13, November 26, 2011
I haven't tried any other editors, this is my first. I like it very much, it's definitely better than the default editor. I'm new to Joomla!, the installation of this program is very easy.