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Twitpic Widget
The fact that you integrated the color scheming directly into the module would make this a 6-star review, if it could be.

Thanks for this. It's just one of those things where, I wanted it, and here it was, and you implemented the widget perfectly. Within only a couple minutes, it was setup, skinned (colorized to match my site) and added to my homepage. That's what I needed; something fast to do the job.

Links open in new window. +1! So... 7/5.

Now my site visitors can more easily view my TwitPic gallery (both Video and Photos) even without having to follow me on Twitter. Which to me just means I've added a photo gallery to my site without the need of having to redundantly upload my photos to both TwitPic and my own site (as would be the case with a "gallery" component).

So, thanks! Great work.
byRobbieF, March 31, 2011
While it appears this would be great for a site where the editors all have access to the backend, it entirely breaks the front-end content system.

Once either or both of the plugins are enabled, I found I can no longer submit content with anything other than the administrator back-end: all front-end content submission now generates a complete failure and the site crashes.

I am using Joomla 1.6.1.
Owner's reply

We fixed this issue (with Joomla 1.6.1 only)

byRobbieF, November 16, 2010
Suggest, Vote, Comment, Bribe
I really like this. The interface is not very polished, but it's really all about the functionality anyways. It's easy enough to edit the layouts if you know a bit of HTML / CSS / PHP.

The only "bug" I've really encountered is line 43 of /views/sugg/tmpl/default.php, where no matter who wrote a suggestion, the output will show it as being written by the logged-in user ($this->user_name). I noticed this when I saw that a suggestion one of my users had made showed as being suggested by "admin".

I simply changed line 43 to:
$user2 =& JFactory::getUser($this->item->UID);
echo 'This suggestion was submitted by ' . $user2->get('name') . '.';

All in all, a very workable system, and I adore the idea. I have not used "Bribe" yet, but I like the concept and plan to implement it in a test-run. Not perfect out of the box, but workable and excellent starting point.
byRobbieF, November 8, 2010
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Admin Tools
I often have trouble with the file and folder permissions on my Joomla site, as my shared hosting provider tends to have some odd permissions sometimes when installing... so it often leads to errors on my Joomla site. I downloaded Admin Tools to fix this very problem, and it does a fantastic job of correcting the permissions.

Now, that's all I was expecting. But then I noticed Admin Tools also reported my Joomla version was out of date. Cool; I try to stay on top of it, but it's a pain in the rump to have to manually overwrite files by FTP. So I clicked the update button in Admin Tools, and to my surprise it automatically grabbed the patch file for Joomla, extracted it and installed it on my installation. I am now using the latest version of Joomla in only a few mouse clicks.

I was also shocked to find there are some great security enhancements added to Joomla by way of Admin Tools. Things like improved security using htaccess for the Administrator area. I mean, it's all "simple stuff", but putting it all in one place and making it so I don't have to do it manually... THAT is fantastic.

Across my multiple sites, this tool is going to save me a great deal of time, and will also help me effectively manage my Joomla version. FABULOUS.

Thank you so much for making this tool free. While I probably wouldn't have bought it if it were a commercial app, now that I've tried it I am going to have to track down a way to donate as a small thank you for what you've provided.

Great work! Keep the features coming! :)

byRobbieF, October 14, 2010
Content Optimizer
I love this for client sites. It seems any time you open up a site to receive content by the end user, it always ends up with those 10 MPiX files being sized to display at 320x240 ;)

So, this plugin is fantastic! Not only does it make my server happy, but it keeps the site looking better, loading faster, and gives us the opportunity to say to the customer "Don't worry about the file size or format: just upload it and let the backend do the rest".

Only thing I'd love to see is support for other images, not just content items. If this plugin could also do the images found in modules and even the site's template images, I'd be even more happy.

byRobbieF, October 14, 2010
While I don't see a noticeable difference in page load time, I was pleased to come across this plugin because I like the idea of distributing some of my js libraries across super-fast free services such as Google. Technically, this should accelerate page load, and I love how easy it is.

Just install and activate the plugin, edit the settings, and it will automatically replace the code to load your common js libraries with ones hosted by Google. Brilliant.
byRobbieF, September 24, 2010
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Core Design FAQ
What an exceptional plugin. I really love the look of it once it's up and running.

While it has the accordion effect, I find this one is less intrusive than some of the other accordion FAQ systems I've tried for Joomla.

The installation steps (setting up the categories) is a little convoluted on the developers' site, and the forum attempts to answer the simple questions about installation but the English is not clear, so I had a bit of trouble at first getting it going.

So, here's my step by step to help the next guy:

1) Install the "Core Design Scriptegrator" plugin first, which is required, and available on their site.
2) Activate that plugin if necessary. Leave the settings as is for now, because if you need to change anything, the plugin will tell you in the front-end.
3) Install the Core Design FAQ plugin.
4) Activate that plugin. Again, leave the settings as is, you can change them later (to show the category title, etc).
5) In Joomla's Section Manager, add a new section and call it "Frequently Asked Questions".
6) In Joomla's Category Manager, add a new category and call it "General" - this will be our "General" FAQ category. Make sure you place it in the "Frequently Asked Questions" section in the drop down.
7) Save the category and look to the right under the "ID" column (in Category Manager) and make a mental note of the number listed for the category you just created.
8) In Joomla's Article Manager, create a new article called "Frequently Asked Questions".
9) This article will be empty _except_ you need to add this text: {faq category="X"} where X is the number of the ID you made note of. If the ID was 5, you'll add {faq category="5"} Note: Once you're using more than one category, you will not add a second {faq ... instead, you can comma-separate the items. So, if you have Category ID 5, and Category ID 6, you'll have {faq category="5,6"}
10) Create a new article in Joomla's Article Manager (your first FAQ) and put it in the Frequently Asked Questions section and the "General" category.
11) Make sure the "Begin Publishing" date is in the past, the article is set to "Published", and press Save.
12) Create a new "Article View" menu item on your menu and point it to your "Frequently Asked Questions" article (the one which contains {faq).
13) Enjoy a great plugin!

[phew] we made it! Great work to the developers. I'd suggest fixing your documentation, as it's really unclear for a novice. I hope the above steps help someone.