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byRobbietobbie, September 4, 2012
Sales Analytics
From the start of our webshop back in 2008 we have come a long way and have seen and used a lot of modules, components and plugins for our Joomla / VM shop.

From the beginning it was clear that the analysis (report) function of VM was (lets put it mildly) basic...

The Sales Analytics component realy fills this gap. Every possible report you can come up with can be shown within one or two clicks. From you best selling products and catagories upto the your top buyers. This is a superb tool!!!

And yes you can export any of the many, many report in a nice XLS format to save and further analyse if needed.

César and his team hit the spot with this component.

You will not regret the few dollars spend on this one.
byRobbietobbie, July 29, 2011
ccVAOM for Virtuemart
ccVAOM is the best component I have used for Joomla / VM by far.

We are sending more then 1500 orders every month and with this component creating invoices is a breeze. It is easy to customize the template for the invoices and within a couple of minutes we now are able to create the invoices for that day.

After installing some other modules we had a problem with this component (slow loading at the backend). After creating a ticket at Chill Creations and sending them some additional info, the problem was tackled very quick and they solved this issue.

If you are using Joomla and VM as your webshop and are serious about your customers and invoices: ccVAOM is the first component you should buy.

Highly appreciated!