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Rod Bacon

byRod Bacon, September 20, 2011
I was using FreichatX (with Joomla/CB 1.7) and it was working pretty well until I upgraded to 1.6.1

Things then stopped working properly and as I dug deeper I noticed quite a number of inconsistencies.

I then removed it in favour of FB chat. After removing this, my website persormance increased a significant amount, telling me that this is probably not the most elegant code out there.
Owner's reply

I guess you had a bad experience with FreiChatX.
You can always turn to our forums and I personally make sure that none of the questions are left unanswered.

FreiChatX is surely faster and least resource intensive(we have been tweaking it for performance for almost a year now).

The response time is 11ms in my localserver without APC. I don't think any other chat made of joomla is this fast.

The initial load is slow because of the amount of javascript code(its around 100kb of js but the upcomming version will be almost half of that).

The amount to which FreiChatX can be tweaked is limitless, You can use single chat for multiple sites.for example for bridging joomla and PHPBB.

You can also use it with technologies other than PHP such as asp.NET or java. or you may use it to connect to your custom desktop or android or iphone app.The best part is that you can use this chat on any site ,be it joomla, phpbb, drupal or your very own custom site.
Its a all in one solution.