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Roger Noar

byRoger Noar, January 17, 2013
Authentication - EMail
It worked just as described. Many thanks!

To do the override, here is what worked for me. Use the Joomla Language Manager, click on "Overrides" and then click to create a new Override.
Fill in the form as follows:

Text: Username or Email Address
byRoger Noar, January 17, 2013
I used this to help migrate an existing Joomla 1.5 site to Joomla 2.5 . Your instructions posted at your website made the process easy. Within 10 minutes, I had all of my users and all of my articles transfered to the new Joomla 2.5 site. This saved me a lot of time!
Many Thanks!
We've been using JEvents in native 1.5 mode for awhile now and it is working fine. Thanks for the great calendar program. Integrates very nicely with Mozilla Sunbird ics calendar files! This is a big plus - now our client calendars and web calendars are easily synched!
byRoger Noar, December 14, 2008
We are using the 3.1 version of the component, latest sermons module, sermon archive module and sermoncast module. They all work great.

We put the component into an article page using jwrapperbot - so the sermons are shown seamlessly along with other page content, without needing to click on a different menu to see the nice audio sermon content displayed by the component.

Thanks for this terrific extension!
byRoger Noar, October 16, 2008
Wow - this worked great. A terrific way to limit user registration to only those who first receive a passphrase.
This makes user management so much easier.
Installed on a 1&1 linux business shared host with Joomla 1.57 and CB 1.2RC3 . Thank You Franz!
Owner's reply

Hi Roger,
thanks a lot for your review.
Just realized you have posted a Redirect Fail Plugin.
Guess I will test it one of the next days.

byRoger Noar, October 16, 2008
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Community Builder
I just tried 1.2RC3 and followed the instructions exactly and it works great on Joomla 1.57 . The only issue was the user registration page gets a 403 error if you're using sh404SEF & don't disable sh404SEF on the "By Component" tab to "skip" comprofiler. Also I highly recommend the CBPassphrase plugin by Franz Koessinger - it's a great way to restrict access, by first sending out a required passphrase to your community before they can register on the site.