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byRogerBaran, November 26, 2011
Podcast Manager
I am impressed with how easily everything installed and that it was so easy to set up! I am no Jooma guru and even I could figure it out!

The only thing that I don't understand (would like to change) is I would like the feed subscription page (and the others that show the various podcasts in a list) to use my template. I use j51_oxygen and all I see is an unformatted page with the files listed...

How can I get the display to be congruent with the rest of my pages?

Thank you!
Owner's reply

If you'll contact me through my website, I should be able to help you. The page should not be unformatted since it is designed to follow Joomla! template standards, so it seems something isn't happening correctly. I'm currently on the move, so I may not be able to dedicate time to support for another week or so.