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byRolly, November 28, 2009
Account Expiration Control
I would have given AEC a five star rating because it is by far the most robust subscription extension for joomla i have encountered. Up until now, AEC has been free completely. Now they require a paid subscription to their site in order to download it, this is is not an issue, i am surprised the developer(s) have not done this sooner. Great job guys, suburb work. Very extensive component, tons of features, and options.

now the reason i only give it a 4 star rating is because of the theme support, which is lacking to say the least. There is a blog on their site about setting up a new theme sub page, but that was lacking in detailed information about what documents to edit in order to do this, ok , the CSS file(s) are a give in, but the layout is not.

It would be nice to see a full/proper theme document and/or something similar to joomla's theming system (click - upload - set as default)

other than that the system itself is pretty easy to follow and use.

I for one will be doing a subscription with Valanx for AEC. Great overall extention, recommended highly.
byRolly, November 28, 2009
I am not live yet, but so far no major issues. I love it. Although i wish there was better more extensive support built in for digital downloads via subscription based payments. My implementation of this extension includes selling of a digitally distributed application as well as a subscription based service for gaining plugins and extension packs for my software. I am quickly finding that support for the subscription system i require is limited. I am a programmer myself, but not well versed in PHP otherwise i would create and share a plugin for it myself.

so i have resorted to using this for the sale and download of the software (great system, love this) then for the subscription process and download management i am currently setting up AEC and DocMan. Although i would prefer one solution (plugins and extensions for virtualmart are good hint hint :P )

i do realize though the scope of this application , i have create a few custom shopping cart systems in the past for clients on asp and so deff. hats off on a excellent product so far. once i get some free time from my other projects i will take some out and maybe make a really good plugin for this.

cheers. nice job
byRolly, November 28, 2009
Ninja RSS Syndicator
Great extension. Worked like a charm and in less than 3 minutes. I gave you guys a 5 star, but one thing i am not sure if it is your feeder or just something to do with RSS itself.

i set up the feed, then after synidcating it to another one of my sites i notice a few spelling errors in my article, so I updated it thinking well it should show cross board on the feed.

well it did not. However, i don't think it is related to your component. So thanks a ton for a great and easy to use rss syndicator.
Owner's reply

Hi Rolly,

The problem you encountered was probably because of the Feed being cached.

It is cached according to the settings you define in the feed parameters to reduce the processing done by your site.

Serving a cached file is much quicker than generating it every time.

The downside is like you pointed out, the RSS content doesn't change until the cached version expires and the file regenerated.

To regenerate it yourself, just set the cache to 0, load the feed once, then reset it to the old amount.

I might add a regenerate button in a future version to simplify this.

byRolly, November 26, 2009
Akeeba Backup
This component is the best joomla site backup tool. worked like a charm, no problems to install or configure.

Nice work and thanks a ton to the joomlapack team. Keep up the great job.