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byRomuba, October 16, 2014
I have installed this extension on two sites so far and have been amazed. The first went from 54/100 to 84/100, and the second went from 64/100 to 72/100.
byRomuba, August 30, 2014
Auto onPageLoad Popup
What a simple but great extension. I have had it working on a Joomla 2.5 site for a while and all was great. When I migrated the site to 3.3 initially all I got was a blank screen but the support guys accessed my site, did some code mod and all is working now. Great support and a very useful module.

Well done guys.
byRomuba, May 21, 2014
When it comes to image sliders my needs are normally very simple and have therefore been using another option for most of my sites. I now needed one that was just as simple but also responsive. After trying a number of options I eventually came across this and problem solved.

You can either use it as I do, simply using images in a folder to be the slideshow and not having them linked to anything - purely for display purposes. You can also set up image categories and have link and descriptions etc. for each image.

Whatever suits you this suits me. Thanks guys.
I have been using other Calendar option on my client sites for years but for some reason most of them just seem to get stuck when they have to add the calendar items themselves. I think it is simple but they don't. I have my suspicions but when I started introducing them the Google Calendar and then integrating that with their website suddenly they took off.

So, I now set up a Google Calendar for them, ingrate it into their website, give them access to the Google Calendar and away they go. Next think I know all their events are displaying on the website and they are very happy.

Then of course I am happy. Thanks guys.

I have also been very impressed with their support. They keep coming back to me until they are happy that I am satisfied.
byRomuba, February 21, 2014
Reset Hits
This was very simple. Download extension, install, publish plugin, done. When you open any article there is now a button for resetting the hits for that article.

Note that with this extension you cannot reset all the article hits, only one at a time.
Owner's reply


Thank you for a wonderful review. Reset button for multiple articles is in our road-map. It will be available in next release.

byRomuba, January 30, 2013
Easy File Uploader
This might not be exactly what everyone is looking for but I really think it is super cool. What I really like is Option to save files in username subfolders which means every file is easy to find and I don't need to track who is uploading. I wish more extension where as simple and effective as this one.

Great job developers!!
byRomuba, December 21, 2012
I have been searching for ages to find a good weather module that is fairly simple to configure, looks good, and of course displays the weather accurately. This one certainly does the job and very well.

I initially had a small styling issue due to a clash with my template, but with a small tweak to the css file the problem was solved.
byRomuba, November 18, 2012
I have always used NoNumber Advanced Module Manager and really love it but I hit a snag when one of my clients needed to have adverts display specifically for different countries. Peter Westen, the developer of NoNumber, suggested I try MetaMob and it does the trick exactly as required.

It is great that he could suggest someone else's work and I'm very pleased that they work together so well. Thanks to the MetaMod developers for solving my problem so well and to Peter for suggesting it.
Owner's reply

Thanks Romuba for your review and kind words. Peter (from NoNumber) and I worked together to ensure that our extensions are compatible with each other, and as you can see they (and we!) work well together.

byRomuba, November 16, 2012
I have found this extension absolutely brilliant. One client sent me a mailing list, in MS Excel, and said they wanted these folk all added as users to their website. Userport to the rescue with absolute ease.

Migrating a site from Joomla 1.5 to 2.5 where SP Upgrade and Jupgrade didn't work. Userport to the rescue, simply exported entire user list of some 70 users from the 1.5 site and imported into the 2.5 site with no hassle at all.

Full marks to the developer/s
byRomuba, October 16, 2012
Lof ArticlesSlideShow
I must say that I cannot agree with the previous comment as I found the module very intuitive and had absolutely no problems setting it up. It is very flexible in terms of what options are available and I would recommend it to anyone needing to display content in this manner.

I have hit one problem and that is with a Responsive template where the module doesn't reduce gracefully but I would be surprised if this issue isn't resolved very soon.
byRomuba, November 16, 2011
I have tried umteen news extension and each one just doesn't give me what I'm looking for and at alst, not sure how I missed it, I found AidaNews2! At last my site has a small latest news feature which looks really god and was not difficult to install and configure.

Initially it looked rather daunting but I soon found my way around. Thanks for this, you guys have made a truly great extension which I will most certainly use very often.
byRomuba, August 7, 2011
Page Scroller
Ever since Joomla changed to 1.6 and now 1.7 I have not managed to have a decent scroll to the top icon but not found any.

At last this extension beautifully solves that problem. I really like the ideea that one can have either text or image. I prefer the image option and that I can use my own image is really great. Thanks a million guys.
byRomuba, July 22, 2011
I cannot emphasis the quality of this product enough. The more I dig around in the Admin area the more I realise that the developers have really created something that not only does the job but it can be configured very easily to display exactly as you need.

Not only can you get the booking to show different categories, resources and services as well as user defined fields, but you can change the labels of these via the Admin panel. e.g. instead of calling the Resources that you can change them to be Venues or Facilities or whatever you need. Extremely flexible.

Thank you for this. I will certainly be using it often as I can see that I can integrate it into many of my sites. Hullo new revenue stream!!!
RSform Pro
I have been using ChronoForms for a few years and have got to know it very well but have just built a Joomla 1.6 site and found the new Chrono rather tricky and couldn't get it to work my way.

I read the RS FormsPro reviews and thought I would give it a shot. Initially I though that setting it up would take hours as I would have to learn everything from scratch but I must say that I found it all rather intuitive and got my form created in English and French without much hassle. It even has a feature to add the form straight to your menu or add it as a call into a content page. There are many more options but I didn't need them so didn't explore them.

Well done folk at RS I will certainly be using this component again.
byRomuba, April 18, 2011
ARI Sexy Lightbox
I have been looking for a lightbox that can display anything and at last I found ARI. My first use was for a form to display in a lightbox. The documentation didn't give me the option to click on an image and then have a lightbox open with a form.

After digging around the forum alittle I found the solution but the lightbox didn't close upon submision of the form. I posted a request on the forum and the ARI team soon emailed me the solution for my specific situation.

Well done and thanks for a great extension. It's not free but very worth the small cost.
byRomuba, March 14, 2011
It is just great when your client asks you for something that seems impossible and then you dig around and find exactly what you are looking for.

I needed to have specific banners display on specific pages and this extension does exactly that. You can display specific to Section, Category or Article or even a blend of all three. Its just brilliant! Another happy client! :)
Simple Picture Slideshow
I absolutely love this plugin and now that you can have inline parameters it means you can use the plugin more than once.

It is very simple to setup and works brilliantly and what is really great, it doesn't eat up resources so your image start loading with the page and the slideshow starts immediately unlike a number of other slideshows.

Great work Andreas!!
byRomuba, January 17, 2011
Admin Tools
Akeeba Admin Tools should definitely be part of the Joomla Core! It gives one numerous must have security features and makes keeps Joomla updated literally as easy as clicking one button.
byRomuba, September 13, 2010
Advanced Module Manager
All I can say is that I'm very sorry that this extension is 1) not part of the original Joomla install, and 2) I didn't find it long ago! I have been using a number of extension to accomplish various things and now that I have found this module I can do all without the need for adding numerous extensions.

Thank you very much. This is a brilliant addition!!
byRomuba, May 31, 2010
I have been using SermonSpeaker for many months and was reasonably happy although I felt some features were a little cumbersome. I have now installed PreachIt and the installation and setup went very well and I'm seriously pleased with the result. Initially I didn't read the documentation and could get it to work but once read it was very simple.

Thanks for this very useful and easy to use extension.
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