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byRomuba, November 21, 2009
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This is a great little plugin. All your contacts are immediately linked to from anywhere in the content. Initially I was doing this all manually but now no longer.

Thank you very much!
byRomuba, November 20, 2009
Core Design Login As
I spent about two hours going through login modules trying to find what I needed. I wanted to have just the words Login visible on the page and then when clicked to be taken to a login form.

This mod did the trick beautifully. Initially I didn't know that the Scripgator plugin was needed and this cause me much confusion but once installed it worked very well.

For me a nice to have would be the option of being able to change the word Login to something like Member Login.

All in all I am very pleased that I found this mod. I have asked about the changing of the word Login on the forum so I will waut to hear if there is a solution.
byRomuba, November 12, 2009
The simplicity of this component is great. Install, add to your menu and that's it. Works beautifully and adds a great dimension to any Christian website.

Thank you very much for this extension, much appreciated.
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