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byRotas, June 27, 2011
Ok so registered for, subscribed to and downloaded this extension in the hope that it would allow me to create a usable and maintainable company directory.

We initially had some trouble making the front end allow users to edit their own profiles (changes weren't saving) but the developer is very responsive and supportive and between he and ourselves we were able to get that issue sorted.

No software is ever perfect but this one does what it says it will do out of the box and is very easy to configure.

The beauty of it for us is that it allows the end user to update their own profile so maintenance from an administrator point of view is reduced. It also allows users to be grouped logically within the company i.e. as a sales person, who works on the 3rd floor and with a certain magazine. This allows for showing a magazine team (sales, editorial, production) or the staff on a floor etc.

There are a couple of small issues and some feature requests that are outstanding, but the developer has been responsive and helpful and is interested enough in their product to want to make changes to improve it, which is all you can ask for.

Bottom line, it worked for us in the way that we needed it to.