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byRoundabout, July 3, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
It's working perfect! A lot of compliments for made such good plugins/modules. Only thing I want to ask for if it is possible te place a message at the position of an cookie-accepted modules. I would encourage the users to accept the cookies. At this moment they do not know what they are missing.

But this is, in my opinion, the last step te absolute perfection :)

Thanx for coding and sharing!
Owner's reply

Technically, I'm not sure how that could be accomplished correctly. There is another extension in this category that uses that approach - but while their plugin replaces the module content - it doesn't prevent those modules javascript from loading. So - while the module doesn't appear - the javascript loads and the cookies still arrive.

I'm thinking about it, but until I'm 100% sure that I have a method to do it successfully, it will remain on the drawing board.

Thanks for the great review!