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byRoySi, December 22, 2008
AJAX Shoutbox
If you had a 10 stars category I would have given this extension 11, that much I am pleased with the Shout Box and the service/support I received from the developer. Not only he showed unusual patience in listening to the tweaks that I asked him to modify in the software but he went one step further and implemented other aspects as well.

So now I have two Pro versions installed on my site, One open to the public to shout as much as they would like and ANOTHER Pro version which is accessible only to me and serves as a lightening fast broadcasting medium to reach only the registered users of my site. It has the sound option enabled so that when I speak, those tuned in, are alerted and are able to immediately see my message.

I don't know enough about Programming to suggest detailed revisions or modifications, but I would imagine if the Shout Box could support other forms of data and not just typed text, delivered at such high speed, the value of it as a channel of communication/broadcasting would certainly rise. I am thinking for example of being able to embed Photos, graphs, small maps etc, along with the text.

A sophisticated feature could be the ability to open a private channel from within the public Pro version to enable two parties to terminate or continue their exchange of ideas without others being able to view their conversation.

Final verdict, if you are looking for a Shout Box or a live messaging board, this extension is well worth your while to check out. You can first try the free version which is just identical to the Pro, just that the Pro will give you more controls/options.