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byRuby_Bookwyrm, April 21, 2014
SCLogin Enhanced Login
Before this my users, mostly seniors, were constantly complaining that they found logging in confusing. Haven't heard one complaint since, and it was so easy to setup.
byRuby_Bookwyrm, April 2, 2014
This extension is a wonderful addition to a site aimed at seniors. Installation was a breeze, worked perfectly right away.

When a small error cropped up with a few users, his fast response and helpful service made quick work of fixing it.

I highly recommend this extension!
byRuby_Bookwyrm, April 2, 2014
Authentication - EMail
I have loved this extension since I found it a few months ago, it was so easy to install and worked flawlessly.
I recently had a small issue and not only did he reply back almost immediately but he worked hard to help me pinpoint the problem in the configuration on my site. He was polite and patient and so supportive to this website newbie.