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byRuminiki24, July 30, 2009
Phoca Gallery
This extension is amazing. It's quite hard once downloaded but with a little taking time and customization you'd never go to another gallery extension... why?? Cause there would be absolutely no need.

Infact I had many difficulties once I had this downloaded and lots of trouble but with 3-4 days of working I finally got used to it...

Thanx for the amazing extension!
byRuminiki24, July 26, 2009
Very Simple Image Gallery
I liked this plug-in alot. True it was simple and had many features. I had many problems on which folders to upload and not. For some reason some folders it would let them be viewed while others it would simply complain. Though the case seemed to be size - the problem wasn't exactly in the size... the module didnt say much rather gave me a couple a numbers.

Some folders though has I hight MB worked and some that had lower didn't work. In the very end I had to search for another module!
Owner's reply

I'm sorry to hear that.

I'm happy about everyone who reviews and rates one of my extensions. Besides of this, I encourage everybody who has problems to ask for support at It does not take more time than it takes to write a review - but it can save you time (e.g. dealing with "a couple of numbers"). I'm just a one-man show and I cannot promise to solve every problem but up till now no question remained unanswered.

Best regards
Andreas Berger