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byRussianBlue, September 18, 2014
Art Org Chart
Please note that this extensions does NOT allow multiple top items as listed. This is a misnomer. What they actually mean is that you can create two charts on the same page.

So, for example, if you wanted to show two managers sharing the services of one PA, this would NOT be possible.
byRussianBlue, August 26, 2014
Zoo Item Wall
I bought this module thinking it would allow me to show Zoo content in 2 columns in a module. Unfortunately, although there is a box to enter the number of columns you want, it doesn't then use Zoo's layout information and you then have to build all the content by hand using HTML and CSS.

In order to use this module you need to spend a lot of time re-coding the Zoo layout and for me this is just not worth the time, my client certainly wont pay for me to re-create the original Zoo content layout again.

I asked for help through the JoomlaXTC ticket system but they will not do the coding for you (which I understand) but it would be nice to know beforehand that this is not a module which provides a nice solution to getting Zoo content into columns.
byRussianBlue, October 4, 2012
Crew Analytics
At last! a tracking MODULE. I can now turn off tracking for individual pages (form thank you pages) so that they can have a click-through tracking code of their own for example.

I've installed this module on a 2.5.7 site and it's working fine. Easy to install and setup.
byRussianBlue, September 4, 2012
Testimonial Fader
These guys are great, super fast support, can't recommend them highly enough.

I wanted a bullet point removing and some carriage returns to be recognised. They wrote a new module AND installed it in under 30 mins.
Owner's reply

Thank you so much for your review :)

byRussianBlue, March 8, 2012
I use this forms package on all of my sites (over 30 now) and that says something about it. The forms are easy to use, look great and the support from the developer is second to none.

I can and do highly recommend Breezingforms