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byRuud68, January 10, 2014
As a non-profit community that blogs about new / servant leadership we also organize IRL events. With Jgive we have found a component with which we can both handle our donations and we use it for subscriptions to events (where the subscriber decides what the event is worth for him / her). Been working with their support team on some issues and they where very responsive and open for new features / improvements.
If you are looking for a donation / crowdfunding component: (j)give it a try! you won't be disappointed.
byRuud68, December 5, 2013
If you are looking for a blog component that is easy to integrate, professional looking and gives just that extra 'attention' to your bloggers via personal blog pages, badges, points and social sharing: look no further!
Excellent support via forum: questions, issues, 'features' are all dealt with very quickly and professional!
I love that it extents Joomla without migrating or converting articles, categories, etc.
Keep up the good work!
Regards, Ruud
byRuud68, June 11, 2012
EU e-Privacy Directive
this plugin (in combination with Modal System Messages) works miracles in complying to the EU e-Privacy cookie law.
A must have!
Just had one issue: when using a cronjob that uses an url to kickoff a script (eg j!mailalerts) this doesn't work anymore because of the popup hitting the wget command. I found out that you need to append "&eprivacy=1" to the url to make it work again, just a tip for anybody running into this.
Keep up the good work!
Regards, Ruud.
byRuud68, June 2, 2012
Recently my site broke down after upgrading a plugin to a newer version on my website (Social Login). Disabling Jotcache learned that there was a conflict between the two plugins. Social login's solution was to not use JotCache (???) but after pointing the developer of Jotcache to this issue he solved the issue and released a new version!
This kind of support is what makes this an excelent component: not only does it do what is advertised but when there is a problem it gets fixed fast! (the developer could have easilly choosen to point to the other plugin for a solution).

Thanks Vlado for this wonderfull addition to my website and user experience.
byRuud68, February 15, 2012
R Antispam
Setting up a community is fun, being involved, sharing ideas and making people enthousiastic....
But then your first spam message is posted on your forum and the second and the third...
You feel like somebody invades your privacy *big time* and besides that I feel it reflects 'bad' on my community and very unprofessional at the least!
And that is with recaptcha enabled!
So yesterday I was fed up (understatement) after deleting the (lost count) spam message and installed this component.
Installation was so simple that I at first doubted that it worked (it can't be that simple and straight foreward :))
But it does and it does (up til now with a 100% accurate hitrate!

This makes this component for me a must-have. A captcha alone will not do the job!

Thanks for creating this wonderful component now I can spent my time on the fun part again :)
byRuud68, November 20, 2011
Hi, one of the features that where present in Joomla 1.5.x but are missing in Joomla 1.7.x is the mail I (administrator) get when a new user registers. After registration I have a procedure in place that I have to execute (screen user, sent welcome message, set correct access rights, etc.)

This simple plugin saves me a lot of time, previously I had to login several times a day (mostly to find out that no new users had registered), but now I get the highly anticipated mail that a new user has registered.

So although probably not intended for this purpose I highly appreciate this plugin!
byRuud68, November 16, 2011
Fun Supersized
found this (just added) module and exchanged my installed module with this one.
Although just added, this module has all the features required (e.g. loading pictures from a directory instead of inputting them manually) and loads perfectly in the background without any visible hick-ups or blinking.

Very pleased that I found this module, just gives my websites that extra professional touch.
Owner's reply

Hi Ruud68,
Thanks for your kind review and comments.
All For Coding

byRuud68, January 26, 2009
Content Templater
Being relatively new to Joomla I have been searching for this functionality in the Joomla product itself, just to find out that it is not part of the core functionality.
Looking at several forums and following several advises from the community (meanly regarding the usage of forms) I by coincidence stumbled upon this component.

It works perfectly (although it is still labeled as beta).

A big 'thumbs up' for this extension that I think should be part of the core functionality of Joomla.

Great job!
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review and welcome to the Joomla community :)
Also thaks for taking the time to give me new idea's for the extension and test them for me.