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bySANTINO, August 10, 2014
Perfect Ajax Popup Contact Form
Well done to the team who developed this. It is by far the best contact form I have used in a long time. Easy to install, simple to configure and dummy proof to publish.

Maybe this is why its easy for me. :-) Great job guys.
bySANTINO, July 29, 2014
I have been wondering if there was anything out there that was as good as JReviews and SOBIPro and there is. You are looking at it. The overall layout of the directory component is simple to use and support is top notch.

I did have issues with the map aspect but this was down to a conflict with another component on the website it was developed for.

This business directory has many diverse applications and we are very happy with the style, functionality and form on the directory.

It also has several modules with it that really work well like the Latest Businesses module. This is superb.

Great job guys.

Keep up the good work.
bySANTINO, May 16, 2014
Form Maker
Superb Component and newsletter Form Maker. This is one of the best form makers out there. I have tried several and this is just the BEST! THANK YOU.
bySANTINO, May 5, 2014
Contact Form Maker
I purchased another extension last year and that was very good as well.

This company have very good customer service and great products.

I'm surprised that I'm the first to review this great component, but what I can say is this... It loaded first time, it works perfectly and I would buy again.

Thank you.
bySANTINO, April 6, 2014
Social Media Links Genius
Lots of lovely buttons and even video attachments as well which is really nice. Good concept and work has gone into this, but it has been done from a programming element and not user interface.

I would also of liked to have seen a version without a backlink where I could pay for it.

I think it should be given as a choice not a forced concept.

Nice ideas, but could be so much better.
bySANTINO, March 22, 2014
B2J Contact
This is what I adore about Joomla developers. They put passion straight into the driving seat when delivering a fine product!

Great job guys. Brilliant!
bySANTINO, March 10, 2014
If there was a rating above Excellent it would be that.

The support team behind this product is just brilliant. Had a small issue which was sorted effectively and efficiently.

Thanks a million for such a good product.
bySANTINO, March 10, 2014
Ajax Call me back
Dunno what to say other than, brilliant module. Installed and worked first time. Loaded into three client websites and they love it.

Would like to see the same thing for Joomla 3. If so, I would make a donation for it.

Cheers and WELL DONE.
bySANTINO, March 10, 2014
Call me back
I think the overall product and service is fantastic, but could be enhanced.

Loaded first time and everything works as stated. I think if you added a more user friendly front image like a Phone button it would make it look nicer.

I would give a donation if this was added as an update or patch.
bySANTINO, December 28, 2013
Superb Support & Component.

It is a shame there is not a level or rating above that of Excellent!

I have tried several e-commerce components and none compare to this superb one.

What is even better is the level of support available, which in my personal opinion as a business owner is virtually the best on the market, that coupled with an outstanding and easy to use system makes it just brilliant.

Every Joomla use should have this as one of their core joomla build add-ons. I have used it on my own website and customers love it.

Thank you ever so much for making a brilliantly working e-commerce component.

Big thanks to all who developed this and keep up the good work.
bySANTINO, December 28, 2013
SEO Boss Pro
I found the whole experience of using both versions very good, but the level of support was rather dire. Overall very good product.
bySANTINO, December 28, 2013
Spider Facebook
Got to say that this has been a real joy to use on friends and family websites. Simple, effective and great, thanks.
bySANTINO, December 28, 2013
I do many reviews and it is nice to see one come along that stands up to be counted! Great to also see just a component and not several other modules to load and then get ready.

This is a one stop shop for all site maps. I now use this with my Google Webmaster Tools and it works brilliantly.

bySANTINO, December 28, 2013
Tag Meta
I highly recommend this for improving your site SEO. Works perfectly, really flexible and allows you to change everything very quickly.

great job.
bySANTINO, December 28, 2013
JUX Social Tabs
Very good. I'm using on a few sites already and clients love it.

Very cheap as well, thanks guys.
bySANTINO, December 28, 2013
Easy Frontend SEO
Just wanted to say a big thanks to the developers of this component and plugin.

It saves a lot of time by adding the tick bar on the front of the site.

I had just finished a client website and had forgotten a few pages and this saved me time!

ace work, thanks guys.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your review, SANTINO!

PS: I'm the only one developer of all Kubik-Rubik Joomla! Extensions! ;-)

Report Card
I'm very surprised by the other comments to this feedback / testimonial component and module if I am 100% honest.

The install worked straight off which is always a good sign and the cost of the component didn't break the piggy bank, which is another fantastic point.

Where do I start.... The Ratings button in Chrome and Firefox does not show as a Star rating it looks more like poached egg rating, not very clear.

I thought for a commercial component we could at least have 3-4 variations of what we would like for a rating button.

It is kind of embarrassing to be honest. On your own website you have these lovely stars for ratings but the actual unit you buy does not come with them!!

I also think you have missed a few tricks. You have added "author" when this would of looked better as First Name and Last Name" and you have also not added a website link form, so the admin person of the site must add it manually.

Also why did you add "Allow Subscriptions" When this is obviously "Add Feedback or Add Testimonial" I think it has confused people... and to me it does not make sense.

I wish I could be more positive but It has taken me two hours to load all of my client testimonials into my website, when it could of been half that time if the component worked better.

It has potential, but needs work.
Owner's reply

Hi - thanks for the review. Just so you know, the rating system uses the system star image and can easily be changed at the template level. Regarding the 'author' and 'subscription' text - this can be changed in minutes by creating language overrides. We have support forums and we're happy to help - all you have to do is ask!

bySANTINO, November 9, 2013
If you want to wreck your site and get spammed to death, then use this.

I have now tried 5 testimonial modules and components in the last few days and I am about to give up.

None of them seem to offer a great array of services to be able to do the very basic commands needed to run properly.

Shocking is all I can say.
Owner's reply

We added some new SPAM protection in our latest RSMonials Version 2.1 for Joomla 3. Please check.

bySANTINO, November 9, 2013
Skyline Testimonial
I reviewed this last year and the unit this year has had no major changes. It is still a very basic unit.

Don't get me wrong, it works well but you cannot add a logo or an attachment and there is no editor in it either, so you cannot even bold, italic or highlight text. there are much better ones out there to use.
bySANTINO, September 21, 2013
BT Media Gallery
I have to say that this is one of the best gallery components I have had the pleasure to use.

If their was a Joomla rating above Excellent, yours would be that!

The whole process was superb. My only critique would be that you had to unzip the file and then individually install each section. So 1 component, 3 modules and 4 plugins.

This should be simplified with a one click multi install as this would be a lot easier, if it is at all possible, then you should look at it. :-)

The cost of the component is just about right for the services that you get with it.

My favourite section is the front interface of the component which allows you to add video as well as images as it is so straight forward. A novice or a programmer will find it really easy. Thank You.
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