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bySANTINO, January 23, 2013
ProJoom Multi Rotator
What a superb and special component.

I was about to go to bed with a heavy head. As I have been searching for a cheap banner rotation management system for awhile now and this pops up.

This is a wonderful, easy and intuitive system to use. For the cost of it. It's ACE.

You should give yourself a pat on the back for the development and creation of this. As you have done us proud.

If you are looking for simplicity and an ultra friendly installation. Then this is the one.

I especially like the ability to change the rotation from flash to basic rotations. So that it works on iphones ETC.

Nice job guys. Keep up the good work.
bySANTINO, January 21, 2013
Page Peel Banner
This is why I adore JOOMLA and everything about it. Developers are happy to create superb components and modules at no charge. The true ethos of open source. I will be making a donation on your website. Thank you 100 times for this lovely banner. Good job and well done.
bySANTINO, January 20, 2013
Carousel Banner
Hi, I just want to say thank you for developing this as it installed first time on J2.5 and works perfectly. You have done a great job, WOW... thanks.
bySANTINO, January 18, 2013
Functionality: Loads first time for 2.5 and no issues. PERFECT.

If you were able to remove the the text you have added in the Weather Condition: KWEATHER_LIGHT_SNOW

You would get more comments and more people downloading it and giving donations. I would if it was removed on the next upgrade.

Good job though, it looks and works perfectly other than this small blip.
bySANTINO, January 14, 2013
SEO Boss
I personally do all the SEO on my client websites, but it takes a lot of time and to find something that makes my life easier is always a good thing.

Functionality: Perfect, wouldn't change a thing, loaded on 2.5 first time and has already picked up some missing meta data which is great.

Price: Overpriced in my opinion. If it was $39.99 I would consider it, but £49.99 for the PRO version is steep.

Styling: Perfect! Great layout and forward thinking development.

Keep up the good work.
bySANTINO, December 19, 2012
EU Cookie Directive Pro
This is a great PLUGIN and works perfectly every time.

bySANTINO, December 12, 2012
2J Gallery
I am very busy running a marketing company, and don't have time to do reviews hardly ever.... but I have to give these guys a standing ovation for their product and customer service which has been out of this world.

I purchased a slideshow a year ago and the support was very slow. This has now completely changed and this is a very positive step in the company's evolution.

The Component purchased was very simple to install, and it was a joy to be able to get a response from their technical team within minutes and not days, like other developers.

If you are looking for a component gallery that is totally inspired and simple to use, which allows you to look totally professional and offers "you" the customer, a first class service. Stop thinking about buying it, and start doing it.

Thank you
bySANTINO, May 26, 2012
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thank you, thank you, works perfectly.

So nice to find things on Joomla that are the best in the world, good work.
bySANTINO, May 15, 2012
SMAGRID  jquery grid slider gallery
What can I say about this module other than it is fantastic. 5 things strike me straight off with this free Mod.

1. You click the download button and you can actually then click another button at the their site and download it without having to mess around with registration which in my mind is a complete waste of time.

2. Loaded straight off and no issues whatsoever and works with 4 different templates that I tested it on.

3. It is Beautiful
4. It is FREE
5. it will transform your website.

Thank you to the developer for making such wonderful modules. Have a virtual beer on me. :-)
bySANTINO, May 15, 2012
JSN PowerAdmin
What a pleasure to try out this new component! :-)

This Component + the easy to understand video to watch is one of the best components on Joomla today. I'm always happy to test new things to add to my business website which make my life easier, and this is one of those things that does. Fantastic Job to the developer of the Component and the Plugin.

It loaded first time, installed perfectly on J2.5 and even added a very helpful ADMIN BAR inside the Joomla admin section........ and because I am a perfectionist I noticed one spelling mistake in the Joomla admin section. which read:

Admin Sesion Infinite

I think that needs to read: Admin Session Infinite
Tiny weeny mistake, nothing that glares out!

If you are thinking about downloading this. STOP THINKING AND START DOING. IT IS BRILLIANT.

Owner's reply

Thank you for review. You have very keen eyes.

The language issue you mentioned is already fixed in 1.0.6. You were probably trying 1.0.5.

I have to say, a big big thank you for developing this Component and Plugin, it's been hard work up till now trying to input tables and columns into Joomla Articles.

Not any more.... This makes everything simple as life should be. I gotta take my HAT OFF to you guys and say it's worth every penny. I paid £10 which is not a great deal of money or such a superb component.

If you are looking at this and thinking.... Do I buy it... Don't I buy it? Stop thinking and start doing.

bySANTINO, May 4, 2012
Skype Status Pro
thanks for making this so clean on the coding and it works perfectly for J2.5

Loaded first time and very cheap as well. Even I could afford the £3.00 fee to download it. Everything is really great!
Owner's reply

Thank you very much for your kind words. Good luck and best wishes!

JoomEx Team.

bySANTINO, March 31, 2012
Excellent and looks great, installed first time and even allows you to add your own logo to brand it for yourself which is a nice touch. THANK YOU.

The only let down for me was the download section, when you pay by PAYPAL it sends you to the payment page which is in Dutch. Now most people will know where the buttons are for payment as they probably use paypal everyday, but what about those people who do not? This would put me off if I didn't use paypal all the time. (I'm surprised it's not been raised before.)

I paid for it by paypal got sent an email and could not download the file in winzip or winrar and I found this hugely frustrating!!!! GRRR.....

Robert got back to me straight away on a Saturday night and re-sent them to me in a winzip folder when he should of been down the pub.... So thanks.

Overall a great extension that is perfect in every way.
bySANTINO, March 29, 2012
JE Quote Form
I have already purchased two of their components and had to get a refund on both as they did not do what they were supposed to do.

This is exactly the same.

A friend purchased this one and nearly smashed his keyboard after telling me about it. It's a real shame....

I won't EVER buy anything from this person again. Don't buy, steer clear.
bySANTINO, March 14, 2012
JEXTN Lead management system
Good things. Loaded first time, simple to upload data and was easy to use.(K.I.S.S)

Stuff that needs work: In the admin section for in Joomla backend for 2.5 the category menu items are very odd. If this Lead Management is for the Shipping industry or a Parcel company then fine, but it does not say this when you purchase it and their are spelling mistakes. I mean really simple fundamental ones which you should not get wrong. Like Remainder, should read REMINDER!

The menu service reads:
Name--Remainder--Weightage--Status--Email--Country--Handling--Status History--Picked--Files

What the hell is Weightage? Handling? Picked? If I had known this was for shipping. I WOULD NOT OF PAID FOR IT. WHAT A CON!!!

You also cannot change it..... You can add customtext boxes but you cannot choose where they are put on the form. This is the 2nd component I have purchased from you now and both are poor.

If you are a Parcel company or shipping firm. Buy it! If you are not. ... DO NOT BUY!
Owner's reply

We have clearly mentioned about this in our website. We request everybody to read the documentation properly before they purchase any of our extension. Please find my inline comments of each
The menu service reads:
Name--Remainder--Weightage--Status--Email--Country--Handling--Status History--Picked--Files

Name : Name of the lead
Remainder : This will help to follow up the lead
Weightage : Weight-age of lead, You can call it as Low, Average, High etc
Status : Lead status
Email : Email address
Country :
Handling : Who handling this lead. Sales person name will display here.
Status History : All history of this lead. Admin can cross check with sales person. Whats happening
Picked : It means, Sales person started processsing the lead or not.
Files : Attachments...

bySANTINO, March 5, 2012
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JEXTN Testimonial
Works very well in the demo, but then it falls over after purchase.
My first impression is a good one, but then after installing it the dream turns to a nightmare.

1. Great Registration Process, simple, elegant and no fuss with address, telephone and all that jazz. Email address and PAY and done. Perfect.
2. Installed first time and enabled Plugin, all good so far.....
3. Six really great styles to choose from and great colour choices :-)

Installed the first Testimonial as a dummy run before emailing all my clients to say "please come and give us a testimonial." Just as well I did.

1. When inputting the Testimonial you cannot add STATE or COUNTY, only City and Country, this is a big let down as most my clients are local businesses who would like to add that.
2. The Avatar load up is fine, but I loaded the wrong image and I could not change it. The only way to remove the avatar was to remove the whole testimonial and start again. POINTLESS!
3. There is no DATE on the Testimonials to say when they left the Testimonial, another BIG let down.
4. The Video is also very strange. There is no text to show what you are supposed to do. I know how to add Youtube ETC, but many of the components at least have som text or a bubble box showing you what to do, but nothing....... Just bizarre.

It is a great little component, but it really needs a lot of work. I am very surprised by the other User comments and that no-one has raised this stuff before.

Anyway, looks good so far, but needs some major tweaks.
Owner's reply

Hi Santino,

Thanks for your feedback :-)
All the features we have in our existing version. Which you mentioned in negative points. If you are facing any problem to find this feature, then you can contact our support team.also we are providing 24X6 ticket support and FREE Forum support. Please look at the support forum here

Please find my inline comments for your Negative points.

1. When inputting the Testimonial you cannot add STATE or COUNTY, only City and Country, this is a big let down as most my clients are local businesses who would like to add that. ==> In the backend have the option to Show hide STATE or COUNTY, only City and Country, You can see from here Components->Je Testimonial->Global settings.

2. The Avatar load up is fine, but I loaded the wrong image and I could not change it. The only way to remove the avatar was to remove the whole testimonial and start again. POINTLESS! ==> in backend have the option to edit the testimonial. There you can change the Avatar. No need to create new one.. You can see the edit option here Components->JE testimonial-> Edit

3. There is no DATE on the Testimonials to say when they left the Testimonial, another BIG let down. ==> The date we stored in the database, If you need you can display the dates in testimonial.

4. The Video is also very strange. There is no text to show what you are supposed to do. I know how to add Youtube ETC, but many of the components at least have som text or a bubble box showing you what to do, but nothing....... Just bizarre. ==> Here nothing is complex, You can directly put the youtube link..

We also mentioned in JED, If you need any help, then please contact us before writing review in JED.

"Please do not use this reviews to post support requests or bug reports. Please contact us using support menu in our website."

bySANTINO, February 25, 2012
Multi Image Holder
I'm quite surprised by the comments to be perfectly honest. I paid the £6.49 for the donation but I'm wishing I had not now.

The Module does what it says, but it is a slow and painstaking process to add in all of the 10 images and descriptions. The Module does not even have an image attachment process in the Module for each image.

Loading up and Saving to Publish.
You Assign The Module Positions to the pages that you want which is normal and then click publish which is great... but then when you want to actually put in all 10 images directly to the MODULE you cannot.

You need to click the image and take the description for the web link to be live and put it into notepad or word or whatever you use...Do that 10 TIMES and then go back to the Module and put in a description for each one so that it links through.

What a NIGHTMARE...... and a complete waste of my time and MONEY. I would steer clear of this if you want something fast and easy to use... this is not it.
bySANTINO, February 25, 2012
Switch Editor
Fantastic Little Plugin, this should be part of the core process of add-ons for any Jooomla site.

I'm very happy it is free as well, thank you for taking the time to create it.
Owner's reply

It is great to be able to release something for the community at no cost. Enjoy!

bySANTINO, February 20, 2012
GREAT little Plugin. Loading it into a few sites now and it is FREE. What a massive BONUS. thank You for making a "real" OS Plugin.

Does exactly what it says on the tin.
bySANTINO, February 20, 2012
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Prestige Contact Forms
Thank you for making this an easy to install Module, worked very well on the website I was testing it on.

Looks nice on Black Box, but others don't really look very good as it only works on a white template.

I loaded it onto a red, white and black template and only 1 of the module position styles worked, so a bit of work is needed here.

This has great potential and if a few tweaks are done it could be fantastic.
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