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bySANTINO, February 16, 2012
Simple Spotlight
I have no clue what user: prophotodx is on about. I am overwhelmed with this module, it is perfection and I agree with the developers comments. "how can we make it easier..." You cannot, it is fantastic.

Installed, Worked, what more do you need!
A million thank you's.
bySANTINO, January 30, 2012
This is a really great Component and deserves an award. I'm happy to give this developer some credit as he//she deserves it.

I stumbled across this whilst looking for a different map Com, Mod or plugin and used yours instead. It is also a big bonus not having to go search for the API key process which saves time and future updating.

Thank You
bySANTINO, January 29, 2012
We are using the Tiger CRM for our business and we have found it to be fantastic. We had used a few other ones with different bridges and they were poor in comparision.

I especially like the Marketing Campaigns, Contacts, Webmail, Calendar and Documents as this allows us to target our potential clients and new customers with E-Shots and other media.

The settings tab is simple to use for anyone from beginner to expert. I take my hat off to the developers of this CRM as it is invaluable for business.

The Support process on the CRM allows you to fine tune every aspect of the program - from Trouble Tickets to FAQ and over to Milestones. We changed trouble tickets to "Raise a Ticket" and found the whole process very easy.

The Analytics is very simple, nothing special, but it does the job of keeping tabs on what you are doing through the day by giving you a dashboard everytime you login.

Thank you.
bySANTINO, January 5, 2012
Modules Anywhere
After looking at all the other testimonials from various different people you can see why they are five star.


This now saves a huge amount of time trying to place a module into a position where you do and don't want it.

Thank you.
bySANTINO, January 5, 2012
Cache Cleaner
Does exactly what it says on the tin. I love it and adore it, nearly as much as my wife. OK,maybe went a bit far there. The plugin works like a dream, is just what the DR. ordered and you guys need to clear your cache schedule and go have a virtual BEER. Donation on route.

thank you
bySANTINO, December 4, 2011
Recommendation of the K2 Component, Modules and Plugins is amazing and it is FREE.

Unbelievable!! It is the most comprehensive bundle out there and you should be clicking the Download button without even thinking too much about it.

You will NOT regret it… I’m lost for words which is hard for me!

You install it to J1.7 and off you go, you make an article form and once you have the basics, you go to tagging which normally you have to remember all the keywords in your website yourself, but no it does it for you. It is a no brainer.

The ratings and review process is also a godsend and thanks to you it is perfect.

One small bug to me though, is the process of not being able to copy and paste from articles in word or wherever to inside the K2 article process which is really annoying, but other than that it is perfection.

Thank You guys.
bySANTINO, December 1, 2011
Live Support Chat
I write a lot of reviews for Joomla and some are not always very positive as the modules, components or plugins are out of date or unfit for healthy website use and you sometimes wonder how they got given the go-ahead, but this has changed that........

The support page on their website when I clicked with an issue said 48 hours wait, and I was thinking, another basic website window on a thurday afternoon means I wont get support till gone Monday, but then something amazing happened. 8 minutes later, yes I counted every minute as I am a sad web developer.. LOL and there was Chris on Teamviewer with all the answers. WOW... FANTASTIC SUPPORT.


bySANTINO, October 12, 2011
Facebook Like Button
Excellent idea, works perfectly - thank you.

Keep up the good work
bySANTINO, October 6, 2011
Chess Puzzle of the Day
This is Brilliant. I thought as soon as I loaded it there would be issues, as there normally are.. but then it worked and I was like!!! CHECKMATE.

Really great work has been done here. I don't always have time to play a full game and 20mins of brain churning instead is perfect for my busy schedule. You should give yourself a pat of the back. It's the best Module for a Board game ever!

Thank you. I have loaded it into two sites already and I know I will use it daily. NICE WORK.

Works Perfectly in Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera
Owner's reply

I'm glad you like it, and thank you for the nice review, however, in the interests of only giving credit where it is due, I feel I must point out that I did not write the actual puzzles themselves nor the engine that displays the chess board and allows the puzzle to be played out. All I did was wrap up the 3rd party services (from Shredder, Gameknot, and in a Joomla module, with some parameters to control what gets shown. Still, I think it is useful to have, especially if, like me, you run a website for a chess club!

bySANTINO, October 6, 2011
PixSearch Ajax Search
This is a really nice Module. Loaded first time which is really great. Worked straight off, even better. It would be nice if the Module could do more or maybe you do hacks to make alternative search boxes.

Would be nice if you could have a search box like YELL with two boxes, as I have a client who is in need of a two box search button like below.

Searching for... Plumber, builder etc
Find it in... City, County, Postcode

Do you do anything like this?

This one is really great! THANK YOU!
bySANTINO, October 5, 2011
wow, what can I say about this Component other than 1 million thank you's. I tried several before this and I wish I had tried yours first, it would of saved a lot of time. Wonderful Component. Works first time on install, no glitches, issues, nothing.

Nothing short of Perfection. Donation on route!
bySANTINO, October 2, 2011
Art Text Rotator
I think this is a really fantastic and simple module and free. Always a bonus. As some ideas to enhance this Module. Could you think about adding the following elements.

1. Remove the underscore on the text, it is very annoying and could look much nicer without it.

2. Allow people to have different colours.
Black is fine, but if people had the ability to change black to blue, red, purple, orange etc, it would be a much nicer user experience.

3. Would be great if you could give people the option to have more than one line of links, at the moment they all link to the same place. How about adding an option to have them listed.

Just ideas, thanks for a super extension, great work and thank you,
bySANTINO, October 1, 2011
Zh GoogleMap
Worked first time with no issues. If you are looking at GOOGLE map and thinking.... OK, so a few people have given it 5 stars is it worth the hassle to download it? well, yes it is! SUPERB. THANK YOU.

I will be donating to your continued success.
Owner's reply

Thank you very much :)

bySANTINO, September 24, 2011
Ignite Gallery
I have installed and paid for a lot of slideshows since the early days of Mambo through to Joomla 1.7 and I can put my hand on my heart and say... THANK YOU for making a component that has the end user in mind. It is difficult to find a Component that works straight off without any issues whatsoever.

I am impressed... well worth the £26.71.
bySANTINO, September 8, 2011
When you stay in a 6 star rating hotel, you are entitled to luxury processes and dreams of life! Well this is it.... for the J1.7 World! Super Plugin. Worked like a charm. No issues with install, up and running in 5 minutes. Thank you.
bySANTINO, September 4, 2011
Admiror Frames

I would love to give this a five star rating but i am unable to due to the developer forcing you to have their signature on the screen whenever you load their Plugin into the Content.

In the Plugin it says you can remove the Signature, but when you do it does nothing, so a bit of tweaking is needed to get it right or 1.7.

Other than that it is superb and I would happily donate to them if they could resolve this.

There are a few other small issues.. when you try to change the colour if the background to green or blue, you are only given red!

Like I said, this is a perfect solution of articles that need a clever way of using edges and borders to maximum effect. Keep up the good work.
Owner's reply

I'll check these issues as soon as I came back from vacation. You can expect these issues corrected and Joomla! 1.5 support soon...

Thanks all for great reviews!

bySANTINO, September 3, 2011
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
Component is Fantastic, once you are given the correct version, but at the outset you are not and that is when you are given problems with downloads as you can read from other reviews.

I bought this after seeing the demo which looked perfect for one of my client websites so like everyone else, I looked and reviewed the service, read the reviews and then decided, yes this is it! :-)

The downside was downloading the latest version which said it was 1.7 but it was not, in fact it was 1.5.5 - I was fuming at this stage as I do not like buying components etc that are not what they are supposed to be, and I don't have time to register on forums for support when it should of worked in the first place.

It's like buying a Ferrari F355 and then when its delivered you have a Ford Focus with two doors and no wheels.

I registered on the forums and the developer got in contact after 24 hours, he also gave me a refund which is why the review is more positive than negative.

Emails back and forth over a day eventually got things MOO'ving and we are now at the point of no return with everything working perfectly - special thanks to Douglas for the support.
Owner's reply


I'm sorry you felt ripped off at first. The component was always compatible with Joomla 1.7, but the version number was still 1.6.0 and had a minor error in Windows servers (now fixed).

I'm sure you would have felt better about it if you had installed the correct version since the beginning.

Best wishes,

bySANTINO, September 1, 2011
I was apprehensive about using this as there were so many Modules, Plugins and Third Party concepts that I thought I would lose myself in the code.

How wrong I could be, what a superb and innovative component. worth every penny. Three cheers for the developers of this wonderful bit of software.

Hip hip - Hooray, Hip hip - Hooray, Hip hip - Hooray - OK, I know that was over the top... but if you don't buy this, you would be making the worse mistake of your life. Thanks Guys. :-)

I've only scratched the surface of this community networking system but wow..... what a beauty.
Hip hip - Hooray!
bySANTINO, August 30, 2011
I saw the demo and thought that it would be perfect for a client website. So I purchased it.

I got errors on the Admin pages with conflicts with 4 other components in my database. I had no choice but to un-install eTree.

Not happy that I have had to pay for a component that does not do what it is "commercially" supposed to do.
bySANTINO, August 28, 2011
Minitek FAQ Book
Had to apply for membership 4x on their website, it would not allow me to register. Used IE8,9, FIREFOX THEN OPERA. Other than the pain of registering. the rest was very easy. worked first time once installed. currently configuring for 1.7. Looks good so far!
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