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bySANTINO, August 28, 2011
Minitek FAQ Book
Had to apply for membership 4x on their website, it would not allow me to register. Used IE8,9, FIREFOX THEN OPERA. Other than the pain of registering. the rest was very easy. worked first time once installed. currently configuring for 1.7. Looks good so far!
bySANTINO, July 28, 2011
Simple Image Holder
Loaded Straight away. Worked as well, always a bonus. I will be donating soon. Thank You!
bySANTINO, July 21, 2011
I've used this on every website until 1.7 and the extplorer does not work. I'm sure you will fix this very annoying bug very soon. Superb work so far.

Thank You for making this a FREE Component
bySANTINO, June 30, 2011
RSSeo! Suite
I paid for another SEO software called: Smart SEO - DO NOT USE IT. I was ripped off. Very unfair. The support was useless, the forums were not being replied to by the owner and no-one cared.

Not with RS SEO. What a fantastic bit of kit, a proper support forum and helpful people who "care" about the development of the soltuions they sell.

I want to thank you guys for really helping me develop my sites and help me understand SEO all over again.. hehe. No-one can ever know everything... but thankfully you guys can and do.

Thank you for a superb component. I also really like the ability to check Google Analytics whilst developing a site. Very Clever! :-)
bySANTINO, June 30, 2011
Well... I nearly didn't use this as I had such a bad experience using this guy's other Component for Google Maps, but I am glad that I gave it a chance.

If you want a simplistic Component which is very simple to use then this is the one to go for.

Works Perfectly and I'm over the moon with joy. Thank you to the developer for adding a "proper" button which allows you to remove the author link.

I will be donating to the future suxccess of this Component and thank you once again for such an innovative solution.
bySANTINO, June 29, 2011
GMapFP : Google Map
The only reason I am giving this a three star is that it could be much better with the coding on 1.6. It has taken me three hours to get it working...... and thats not a good start.

When I finally did get it working. The Mouse just does not sit on the map, the map moves away on its own accord, very buggy and a real shame as its quite nice component and plugin.

I also do not like that I have to go and find a code in the config on the Component to remove the authors name on a link, when you could of very easily added a button to remove author link with a yes or no and a donate button attached to it.

May be this can be done in future additions.
Overall, it looks nice and works to a point, but if you want perfection then go elsewhere.
Owner's reply

I'm very surprise !
I found no questions or comments of you on the forum!
In Joomla 1.6, it is a beta version.
If you post your problem on the forum, I resolved it and everyone can enjoy!

And I not understand your problem with "the authors name on a link".

bySANTINO, June 29, 2011
I am rather perplexed that I cannot even write my own Latitude and longitude into the actual Admin.

The video only supports 1.5 and not 1.6 which really does not help and I find it bizarre that everything else works bar this one tiny aspect.
Owner's reply

So u can add it manually
any way thank ur comment

bySANTINO, June 29, 2011
Phoca Maps
500 - An error has occurred
Return to Control Panel

I re-installed it three times just incase and came across the same issue. I am only giving it a 3 star as most thing of Phoca's I have used have been perfect.Not for 1.6 - Sorry.
Owner's reply

Hi, if you get 500 on your server, just enable php error reporting to see which error you get on your server, see:


bySANTINO, June 27, 2011
Admin Tools
I have been developing websites with Mambo, then joomla 1.0, 1.5, 1.6 and now 1.7. I have to say this out aloud - WOW - What a nice Component.

Thank you for taking the time to create this masterpiece. When you get my donation. Have a few beers. It is well deserved. I'm still in shock!
Owner's reply

You're welcome! Thank you for your kind words and your donation :)

bySANTINO, June 9, 2011
works like a charm. thanks very much and well done to the developers of this superb plugin.
bySANTINO, June 9, 2011
Set Generator tag
Couldn't be easier. Just make sure that you change the Joomla 1.6 text to what you want in the Plugin, so that when it is enabled on the right hand side on the menu screen and you are GOOD TO GO! Well done to the developers. great work.
bySANTINO, June 9, 2011
Easy Joomla Paypal
If you want a module that does what it says on the tin, then this is the one for you! Loaded first time to the games site I developed with Joonla 1.6

I wish to thank the developers for a wonderful module and for taking the time to make it FREE.
bySANTINO, June 3, 2011
SP Image Rotator
If you are looking at this module and thinking... is it that good? Yes it is.. I am using it on one of my client websites and it is superb.

It downloaded straight off, no registration needed! Even better in my book as it saves time.

The developers deserve a round of beers! Thank you.
bySANTINO, May 29, 2011
I wish I had the time to write an essay on what I think about this Component, but an overview will have to do. I have been using Sobi2 for the past 2 years on a business website for the Yachting Industry which has been working perfectly.

When I saw that a Pro version was coming out, I didn't think that it could get any better... WOW, what a transformation.

You guys have done a stirling job developing this and I will be donating to the future development of it. I would ask you to please use some of the donation on a round of beers. You guys deserve it.

Can't thank you enough, its bloody superb.
bySANTINO, May 26, 2011
Thanks for making this Plugin free to use. It does exactly what you have said and works perfectly. Thanks for all the effort you put in to making this work so easily.
bySANTINO, April 19, 2011
ARI Image Slider
I adore this Module. It works like a charm, is easy to understand, simple to upload and just fantastic.

I'm using it on one of my sites and my friends and clients love it. I will be donating to your team.

WOW.... Just brilliant! Thank You
bySANTINO, March 31, 2011
Art Sexy Lightbox
I rarely give negative comments but this is one worth doing. I have read the other comments which is why I paid the money for this and from the demo it looks superb. Not what it does on the tin!

I made a positive review on another one of their products which was fantastic, but not this one.

Module Loaded fine, but no plugin was in the zip or loaded into the website at all.

I have spent two hours trying to get it to work as a thumbnail and lightbox and have now completely given up.
Owner's reply

You need to install both plugin and module. Simply install them and you should be all set.

PDF documentation is available here:

Please contact us by email in case you cannot find plugin and module - we will be happy to set this up and running for you:

bySANTINO, March 31, 2011
I have been looking for awhile now for a good solid Module like this for yonks (months). Thank You a million times over. I will be donating to you for offering this wonderful MOD.
bySANTINO, March 31, 2011
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Art Featured Image Slider
I have been using Joomla Modules and Components for many years even when it was Mambo. Sometimes something comes along that you have to sit up and shout about. This is it.... I cannot believe no-one has commented or downloaded on this simple, yet elegant Module that has been created.

It is well constructed and works like a dream - Thank You.
bySANTINO, March 19, 2011
Nice PayPal Button
I was a little bit worried about buying a plugin like this as I've had a few before and they have been coded badly. Not this time.... It worked first time and I was very very happy. I'm a developer for many sites and this will make life so much easier. You guys are superstars! Thank you.
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