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bySHoggard, July 12, 2013
Been using this for about 6 months...we used JomlaStats when we used J1.5 which this replaces... does what it says, but it is very heavy on the DB (how to reduce?).

Now we're upgrading to Joomla 3 - wishing there was a j4age J3 version
Owner's reply

Thank you. Collecting data is always a process, that will impact the database. We already included a feature in the maintenance area to drop old data, but have started 1 year ago with an additional process to drop data whilst keeping the statistick reports. Version for J3 will come, but I cannot say if it takes few weeks or even 1-2 more month

bySHoggard, November 1, 2009
Live Exchange Rates Table (ajax)
A totally pointless module.
Once installed & enabled it displays a multitude of currencies converted against the one of your choice...good idea.

HOWEVER they are all displayed behind a semi transparent ADVERT / copyright warning that says:-
enty of other modules providing the same function?
Owner's reply

This only happens if you change/disable the backlink text or you are running the module on a site that isn't accessible via the web, ie an intranet. There are plenty of users of this module out there for whom it is functioning as it should and are perfectly happy with it!