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bySRV, December 11, 2009
With outstanding help from the owner, I realised a training or team calendar where different teams can register team members for a specific training. Only 9 "seats or positions" are available (this is flexible, for a soccer team you can have 11 "seats" of course).

With a single click team members can reserve a "seat or position" to attend the training! They can only reserve their own place and only one time. One can see a list of all the other attendees and positions for a specific training and/or team. There is a special "admin" view where an admin can add or remove all team members from a drop down list (regular can't do that, they can only add their own name).

I've search for this solution a long time and with the outstanding help of the head developer of Jevents, it was all done within 3 days! I am still amazed by that..