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bySRoss, June 5, 2014
Responsive Menu
This makes my homemade websites look professional and on trend without having to learn a new template. Support is fast and helpful
bySRoss, June 5, 2014
Tweet Display Back
It worked intermittently on one of my sites in 2013. I installed on a new site 2014 and no joy
bySRoss, June 5, 2014
Facebook Widget Plus
I took a chance on an extension that has not been reviewed yet - works perfectly. Thanks so much!
bySRoss, January 31, 2014
Form Maker
I decided to buy the pro version because Web Dorado have done such a great job with the lite version and kindly let us use that for free. My clients needed more complex forms with more than 7 fields necessitating the pro version. The pro-version has different colour schemes from the lite. So if you enjoyed the colours on the lite version, you might be a bit disappointed but you can customize the CSS so no worries! My pagebreaks for multiforms were not working and the submit button as well. The forums had no answers but Web Dorado has great support. They will respond to you quickly. The way they fixed my issues was just to go in there and do it themselves. I think that's how they like to work rather than send you lengthly instructions on which plugin conflicts with what and html this and that. Some might like that though so that they learn from it. Feel like a queen! Thanks Web Dorado! You've helped my business a lot! Can't wait to check out your other extensions
bySRoss, January 24, 2014
I have a start-up web design business. Nowadays, every client wants a mobile website. Rightly so. I have tried other free extensions. Some cannot handle large websites with a lot of other plug-ins and extensions. Some just don't have such a clean design. I am so happy with my purchase of responsivizer. Worth every penny. Support is super quick too not that you will be needing it as it is easy to use. A web designer needs this in their toolkit
This is now a commonly used extension on my toolbox. It has helped my small webdesign business soo much. Easy to use. Makes any site look professional and support is patient and fantastic!
bySRoss, January 7, 2014
True Typography
Thanks to the makers of this extension. Outstanding support as well (even over the holidays!). My client wanted a specific font that was not included in the extension (there is a wide variety there already to pick from). I had to learn how to change tff to the file needed. You need to learn a bit to configure the extension but who does not like a few puzzles? If you can read and follow instructions, there is nothing to worry about. Great extension. Highly recommended. Again, thank you very much! Hope you go from strength to strength
bySRoss, November 12, 2013
Beautiful CK
Once i learned about foobar, this is now one of my favourites. Thank you!
bySRoss, November 1, 2013
HikaCoupons for Hikashop
Great support. Nice little extension to encourage more users to your shop and site. Thanks
bySRoss, October 31, 2013
Anything Tabs
beautiful, clean and easy. Comes with different designs to match your site. I really like the designs that come from PixelPointCreative. I would recommend visiting their site for other extensions and just pure inspiration! Thanks
bySRoss, September 18, 2013
SCM Music Player
Great extension. Sleek and easy to use. No need to convert music files or upload them to server. I am very happy with it and will use it again. Thank You!
bySRoss, September 9, 2013
Form Maker Lite
I love this. It's very easy to use and the style is clean and professional looking and customizable. Thank you so much for the hard work!