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bySTUCKSHUTTER, October 4, 2014
NS MeetUp
I needed a module that would display the event titles from Meetup for different chapters of a non-profit photography club.
This did the job easily and well.
Add the API key and the group name as /group/ and you are done. 2 minutes work.
For a few bucks, its well worth the price.
Not sure if more info is in the API but extending it to show the detail as an option and some styling classes or choices would be good things to consider.
Owner's reply

Thanks for the review!

We do have some additional API functions to add on the roadmap. Hopefully in the next few weeks we will finish up testing.

We'll also add some classes in the next release.

bySTUCKSHUTTER, September 30, 2014
Admin Forever
Rock solid. Used since 2.5 or maybe before that on a lot of sites. Never a hiccup. Never a problem. Works perfectly and simple. Great job and thank you for a great extension!
bySTUCKSHUTTER, November 28, 2013
I needed a modern doc manager that had a logical and flexible directory structure, good user features and a developer who understands users need help, is quick to solve the issue you have and willing to listen to your suggestions.
Ecocman is that extension.
It has brought order and simplicity to the end users and made my life simple as well.
Tuan has done a good job on documenting the product and where my feeble mind didn't wrap all the way around how to get something to work, he immediately jumped in and fixed the problem. Best of all, user suggestions are not brushed off since he realizes that end user requests point the way to developing killer capabilities.
Recommend it highly.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, November 24, 2013
Easy Responsive Tabs
Tabs look wretched on mobile devices and are not responsive.

This extension does a beautiful job of turning tabs into well styled and well behaved navigation options for your website with little effort.

I have used two other tab displays in the past and they did the job... until mobile came along. Then, yuck.

I installed this, made a few easy modifications to the existing tab syntax on three sites and presto, gorgeously styled tabs (24 or 25 styles are built in and it's easy to style them if you want) that look fantastic on a desktop or a smartphone.

You'll appreciate the way it shows your tabs on mobile, really makes it work fantastically well.

Downsides? none. Upside? Use tabs with mobile reliably.

Only thing I could think of that would make this even better is a way to incorporate ajax to call the tab's content when the tab is opened.

Well worth the modest investment.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, October 12, 2013
I had the 1.5 only SQL 2 Excel version from another developer on a site.

Moving to 2.5 I found this. Installed it, fast and easy configuration, copied over the code from SQL 2 Excel and presto, instant conversion, 100% compatible. Could not be easier.

This gives you huge flexibility in creating reports from tables. You'll find it replaces a lot of coding if you think of ways to present detail data to users.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, March 4, 2013
Dropdown Articles
I tried almost all the article listing plugins to get one that would even work much less display articles without taking up yet another chunk of real estate.

This worked perfectly out of the box. Simple, clear easy configuration with clear tootips made it a snap.

Now, I have dozens and dozens of articles at site visitor's fingertips available and the real estate needed?
A title plus a single line that fits in a sidebar.

Very well done. Thank you.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, March 1, 2013
JCH Optimize
New site was taking 14.3 seconds to load. Simply installing JCH dropped it to 5.8 and no CDN and no tweaking of the modules,extensions, etc.
Has done great on a 1.5 site and now on this new 2.5 one.
Highly recommended. Excellent work.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, February 8, 2013
AcyMailing Starter
We would give this ten stars if we could. We have been able to modify and extend it's functionality easily enough with it's design that makes extending it straightforward.
In the process, we've hit a few snags and head scratchers but there is always a solution....
Thanks to their incredible support. It's fast, it solves your problem, its always courteous ... no matter how boneheaded the question.
It is replacing a hybrid phpList and J1.5 lash-up and making the process a thousand times easier for users, readers, newsletter editors and the developers.
Highly recommended...
bySTUCKSHUTTER, December 18, 2012
Simple Random Quotes
I have used this for over a year now and just upgraded the site to 2.5. This is fast, simple, super reliable, configurable and makes displaying over 300 quotes randomly a breeze.
I wish all plugins and modules were this well done and easy to use. Recommend it highly.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, December 9, 2012
ACL Manager
Working with 2.5, I ran into an ACL conflict that was stopping the use of the front end list management function. Could not see it to save my life. I subscribed to ACL Manager, a plugin for J2.5, that proved invaluable. It should have come out as the core management component for ACL. It took it about 2 minutes to fix some problems it spotted, made the conflict between ACL settings just pop out and let me find and solve the problem in about 2 seconds. Really a must have I think.
Simple to use, almost totally obvious and points out solutions, not just problems.
In 2 words, "get it."
Payment Form
This component saved me a ton of work taking variable payments. Easy to set up and for once, PayPal and gateways worked flawlessly the first try - a first for any plugin I've used.
Good: does the job super flexible calculations and options for setting up.
Few minuses, maybe redirection based on what specific item was purchased out of a list and price zero or blank means the field is something the user can fill in with whatever price they want. Easy to get past but a bit confusing at first.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, August 1, 2012
DT Register
I have been using DT Register for 3 years now on a non-profit site to manage registrations for events, meetings, competitions, trips... and it is a highly reliable component that I can cheerfully recommend.

On the rare occasion when I find something that doesn't work and have to contact Nathan for support, he usually responds the same day with the solution... to what so far has been my errors, not the component's.

If you manage events, this is the thing to use, very configurable, reliable and with a wide variety of payment gateways that make e-commerce easy.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, March 21, 2012
JP Slick Slideshow
This is an excellent slideshow module that works like a charm. I use a number of these type plugins and this one is by far the clearest, easiest and most reliable. Better yet, it's 2.5 compatible now. It's easy to have some great eye candy in a module now and it has made one site really pop. Get it. Use it. You'll love it.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, March 6, 2012
RSform Pro
I've been using the commercial version for several years on all my sites, client and personal. It's super reliable, easy to use, bulletproof and best of all... comes with exemplary support. I can't tell you how great it is when you are stumped (usually something simple you forgot or simply got wrong) to ask for the developer's help and overnight or faster, get it not just resolved but, even have your mistake fixed by them.
Maybe there is something this can't do but I haven't run into it. Only suggestion would be for the developer to set up a way to let people contribute their JS extensions and other code to check field values, etc.

Regardless, JS is my first choice for this and other solutions... then I go looking eleswhere. Highly recommended.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, December 29, 2011
OSE Membership™
This is an outstanding membership and content control system. It's easy to implement and extremely well documented.

It's also got support that is truly as good as any you are likely to experience. Need to know something? Ask How Do I Get This to Do That? Need something special? Not only do you get an answer, often the same day but they'll explain exactly how to do what you need to do.

Have a problem or confused? They'll often fix the issue on your site if you want.

And the best part? No hands held out for exorbitant fees to get their component to work, unlike some I've dealt with.

Control of memberships, payment systems and there are plenty to select, and setup is easy.

Managing access to articles, components and menu items is as straight forward as it comes. You'll love it's simplicity.
The component has been updated so it's simple to install and has all the "pieces" loaded and ready to use.

Conversion was a snap, they make it sooooo easy to set up existing members and transfer over accounts. With integration to CB, it's seamless and simple to use either CB to set up memberships or OSE.

What I really like is their openness to suggested improvements and they are already working on the next release...

Cons? Well, not much, it takes working with to figure out some of the nuances of the way it handles presenting membership options but not bad, at some point, even their excellent documentation could not possibly cover every goofy thing we want to do with our memberships...

Having worked now with 4 major system, I can say this is the easiest to use and a great blend of capabilities. Well worth a solid look if you are replacing an old system or installing a new one.

I think you'll find it's a great solution that should handle all but the most convoluted requirements.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, December 10, 2011
It is long past time someone did this for CB. This installed in a second, has 1.5 and 1.7 versions available and it worked instantly. No hassles or problems; worked on standard and user created CB fields with no problem.

The one thing you'll find you want immediately is the ability to have this plugin display more than one CB field.

Adding the ability to select different CB fields as needed would make this a CB Must Have.

Even with just one field, it's handy.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, October 15, 2011
I use about 6 different slideshows, galleries and carousels but needed something that was elegant, crisp, and had an easy to load gallery from directory. This one did the job nicely and worked with zero hassle. Gave me a number of very useful transitions too... the Ken Burns effect can be pretty dramatic for some sites. Loaded even a large gallery of big images quickly. I recommend this one.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, September 24, 2011
OpenPotion Asynchronous Google Analytics
This makes managing your Google tracking using the asynch tracker a snap, took 2 minutes from download to tracking working on site. Thanks to all who made a simple plugin with just 3 instructions... download, install & activate, put in tracking code for your site.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, December 8, 2010
This simple idea made styling an intractable menu item a snap. I see many uses for it and it installs easily, is super simple to use and does exactly what it says. A 'toolkit' must have.
bySTUCKSHUTTER, September 27, 2010
CSS Gallery
This is a sleeper that has about everything you need to create a great gallery. I liked its flexibility of configuring the actual gallery and images right in an article, etc. Being able to include the actual titles and other features for photo competitions is more intuitive and easier than trying to use image title txt files.

It's easy to install and simple to use, once you master the simple syntax. One hint for you, here is how you put in an image title, maybe I missed it in the explanation but this will clear up that piece if you didn't get it the first time:
{besps_c}0|1st place birds ale aspy great egret at magnolia plantation1.jpg|1st place birds dale aspy great egret at magnolia plantation1|1st Place Birds - Dale Aspy - "Great Egret at Magnolia Plantataion"{/besps_c}
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