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bySadr, March 18, 2010
Captify Content
I decided against using this module after more than an hour of testing. My #1 complaint is by far my top reason for not using this module.

#1 - It was very difficult to make the module fit into my template, which is a lightweight variety of the default JA_Purity, so it should not be prone to conflicts.

I would have loved to see more alignment settings, the likes of
- vertically/horizontally aligned
- # of rows
- free/strict row (makes pictures continue beyond the width of the template, or start a new row whenever it gets too long)

There also didn't seem to be a good table/grid system in place, the likes of which their demo gives an idea of. My pictures were just cramped together in many odd positions depending on their size. How about:

- Separating border (between pictures)
- Separating border color
- Border (border around the complete series)
- Border color
- Fixed grid (regardless of size, all images are surrounded by a fixed grid, for better alignment.)

#2 - The resizing of images did not seem to work for me. I have GD library (and others) installed, and the module reported no error, so I can't see why this didn't work.

I sincerely hope you will take this feedback and use it to make a better module. Cheers!