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bySafeworld4women, January 11, 2014
Having tested several image sliders we opted to use this slider because it has many options to configure according to a users different needs.
For instance, we wanted to show the description under the image rather than on it. It only took a few minuted to work out how to do this.
The fact that the Slider is free of course helps, but also it allows us to evaluate the commercial extensions of this supplier with a considerable degree of confidence.
bySafeworld4women, December 9, 2013
We have just experienced a problem with uninstalling Xmapp on a J2.5 site with SobiPro on it.
Essentially when uninstalling Xmapp the link to SobiPro in the Joomla Administrator menu disappears.
This is a very large bug and appears to be caused by using the plug in for Sobipro.
Up until now we had no problems with Xamapp and I am only writing this as a warning to any user thinking of using Xamapp and Sobipro together.
bySafeworld4women, October 21, 2013
Joom Donation
I am the lead developer for a large women's non-profit organisation and have been using Joom Donation for processing donations for three years.
A few months ago we upgraded to J2.5 and started getting a small problem with the component.
We sent a ticket to the developer who replied within a few hours and said to connect by Skype.
We did so and he very patiently listened to the problem we were having and quickly found the issue - (we had not selected a correct option when upgrading).
Our organisation's website is critical to our work and we use many Joomla extensions.
it is vital they work properly. We rely on component developers to support us if something is going wrong with the product.
Tuan from Joom Donation provided an excellent service and we are very happy to recommend this product.
bySafeworld4women, October 24, 2011
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Featured Items Slideshow
We had been looking for a long time for a Slide Show module which allowed the opportunity to select individual articles or groups of categories or sections.
Found this one by chance and it works perfectly
Very well designed indeed and worth every penny of the £15.000
bySafeworld4women, March 10, 2011
Contact Enhanced Component
As the person responsible for maintaining and developing a very busy International Website for a Women's NGO I use several components to help save time and development costs.

Some work OK, some have OK customer service.

Contact Enhanced is more than OK and the service provided by Douglas is outstanding.

We have 3 very different forms on our website and it was a little challenging to make them all function exactly as we wanted.

Douglas was easily approachable and very quick in replying. And honest! If something wasn't possible he says it straight away.

There is also a feeling that he is working to improve on the products,
knows there current limitations and wants to go that bit further.

Contact Enhanced works out of the box and documentation is good. And if any problems exist or questions the support is there

Throughly recommended
bySafeworld4women, October 27, 2010
MoeScroll Advanced
Having bought serveral products over the last 6 months I now take a lot of notice what people write here before spending money.

One of the most important thinsg for me is custoemr service. If I have a question does it get answered by email.
I don't use forums I have too little time. I need answers direct from people.

I also like to ask questions before purchasing just to be doubel sure the products does what ti says or if not wether it can be tweaked for our needs.

So it was with MoeScroll Advanced. I saw the product and it appeared to be what I needed. But I had a question and filled in the contact form.

Within 30 minutes I had a reply.
I asked another question

Within 10 minutes I had a reply

And each reply was really helpful and really friendly.

I could have kept asking questions and I am sure it would have been the same until I was happy

So soon you will see this excellent product used all over the website of our International Women's NGO and probably others produced by Moe

Definitely recommended
bySafeworld4women, September 9, 2010
RAXO All-mode PRO
I am the web-editor of an International Women's NGO, Safe World for Women.
We started using RAXO All-mode Pro almost right from the beginning when we built our webzine.
In the early days there were a few teething problems which were quickly solved in a very personal and friendly manner by the developers.
We use the product extensively on our website and will continue to do so.
We appreciate the upgrades we are sent and more than that, if ever there is a problem we have the direct email of the customer service and get friendly and quick responses to any questions.
This extension is very powerful in terms of being able to allow a professional developer to create quality content on their site.
Highly recommended
bySafeworld4women, March 24, 2010
Providing a simple and easy to use plug in as this one deserves credit.

We are just launching a new webbzine with over 40 pages of fresh content and the thought of having to write the metatags individually was a nightmare!

Had it up and running very quickly and bar the change mentioned earlier to remove the extra commas and quotes - the plug in has saved us an enormous amount of time.

Many thanks to the developer indeed
bySafeworld4women, March 6, 2010
WordPress Blog for Joomla!
I never have time to write reviews! But I do read reviews before I purchase a product.
Often quite carefully
I am also quite cynical of reviews because often it feels as though they have been planted by the creator of the product

So when I bought corePHP Wordpress I carefully studies what had been written and on average the reviews all balanced out and I decided to go ahead

I was also buying the product for a Non-Profits website so money is tight and I needed to be sure

Well I am sorry to say I have ended up feeling very disappointed with this extension.

But it is important to explain why so other people don't make the same mistake.

I had already purchased a quite sophisticated Joomla template which I am basically very happy with.

But it was important to be able to add WordPress style capability to it

So I looked around and settled on Corephp because the product looked good and the support seemed to be there.

But it didn't work properly and now I know why

Essentially the developers themselves admit that they can't take into account all the Joomla Templates that are made.

So while the basic workings of this Wordpress extension are very good and I can see on a simple Joomla template it would work fine.

Trying to incorporate it into anything as substantial as the Rocket Theme template I am using is a recipe for disaster unless:

1) You are very skilled with Joomla Templates
2) You have a lot of time
3) Or and here is the catch - you are willing to pay the developers to do the work for you

Now, when I purchase something I like to know all the facts.

Its like going into a shop you want to know whether the thing you are going to buy is going to work

But this didn't for me and there are no refunds offerred and I am on such a tight deadline I can't afford the time to write to the developers.

So sorry guys, I am not trying to trash your product. As I said I am sure it works really well on simple Joomla Templates

But I think you need to warn people before they buy that they may well be wasting their money if they are using more complex templates

Because if you don't one is left with not such a good impression.

So work on it guys - it is really good what you are offerring but.....accept and admit its limitations
Owner's reply

Hi, and thank you for your review, and I do apologize for the delay in reply.
You are right, we cannot account for all Joomla templates that are made as sometimes styles are not the same, this is why our extension ships with two different stylesheets, a default which contains most of WordPress styles except for font changes and most font sizes, and a minimalistic stylesheet in the case that the default one does not look right. There is also an extra option to remove all stylesheets for WordPress and this will allow you to style WordPress for Joomla to your liking.

I can understand that not everyone is a skilled Joomla template developer, but it might have just been one style line that was causing the issue between your template and our extension, which by submitting a support ticket we could have fixed it if it was indeed our fault and also fixed it for future customers.

I would also like to send you a link to this website which uses a RocketTheme template and our WordPress for Joomla extension: