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bySage, August 25, 2006
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Another exellent component that I can't use because my host doesn't allow ioncube loaders to be installed =). (I ran accross this fact while trying to install Thyme.)

So my only piece of advice is to make sure your hosting company supports ioncube loaders before purchasing. There is a free version that you can install to see if there is an issue.
bySage, July 14, 2006
I'm very impressed with the way this component has worked for something that is still in beta. The only problems I've found so far relate to setting events to "yearly". They don't seem to carry over after being completed. I'm using it to set up dates like anniversaries and birthdays on my family website and recurring dates will be common. I'm sure it's an easy fix, I just haven't figured it out yet.

I also notice that when opening an event in the backend, the dates get switched to "daily" and the option to select anything but "daily" is greyed out.