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Saint Seducer X

bySaint Seducer X, February 16, 2009
I've just installed BlastChat Client Version 3.0 for my website powered by Joomla just yesterday.

i'm not really well-versed in any technical web programming/designing/developing, so i was thinking i'm gonna have a really difficult time downloading and installing blastchat for my website.

but it was easy to install and configure to my surprise!!! that's because, everytime you hit a sticking point, you just go into their forums, type in your concern/problem, then after around 10 minutes tops, the administrator of blastchat himself will address your problem promptly and very precisely!!!! he was there in every step of the process of installation and configuration so i didn't have any problems at all! i thought it was going to take weeks before i get a reply in the forums about my concerns, but I WAS AMAZED by the FAST AND EFFICIENT SERVICE by the ADMINISTRATORS!

plus the features of the chat are great. this will be a great addition to any joomla operated website and highly recommended by yours truly.

the management and administration is very efficient, so any bug in the component will easily be addressed. one of the best chat components you can find out there!