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bySaltyFog, April 18, 2012
Article PXFont Size
very nice module.
My only "wish" would be the option to be able to change from px to em (or other values)- or have variations to download that were preformatted as such.
Owner's reply

Thanks for your comment!

I will study your proposal.
It may be available on the next release but I can confirm to you. If not, your suggestion will be available in two new releases.

bySaltyFog, October 20, 2010
DB Replacer
This plug in rocks... and dangerously easy to use.

7pm download, 7:05 make coffee, 7:15pm back up database, 7:20 log into Joomla, 7:30 try to figure out what table I want into.
7:35 type in my find, type in my replace, 7:36 stare in awe at the before and after preview, 7:45 still staring, very cool.
7:46 click Replace and okay and okay, and HOLY CRAP 500 articles processed and it's done.
Do this four more times on different variables.

7:55pm verify joomla survived, and it did.
8:00pm slowly sip coffee with feet on the desk and type praise for NoNumber.

Excellent work sir, my hat tips to you.
Once paid for this site, I shall also paypal a tip to you as Your efforts shaved off hours off mind numbing "click highlight delete next" edits.

Thank You for the free plugin, and thank you for one that works as promised!