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bySanderJP, February 14, 2010
Mini FrontPage
I like the module, great and easy to use. I need to modify it though because I need it with a carousel option to zap through more recent items, but I guess i can't request that as an option.

I read some people had problems with the last picture in an article showing as thumbnail, which i noticed and I've solved it in a quite crude way.
Open the helper.php file inside the modules dir and comment out line 130, like so:

if (!empty($rows[$r]->images)) { //$rows[$r]->images = $txtimgelsr[1][0] . "\n" . $rows[$r]->images; } else { $rows[$r]->images = $txtimgelsr[1][0];
Because its a foreach loop it keeps adding the pictures it finds to the place it gets the thumbnail from, so removing that line only adds the first one. Maybe there's a more elegant way but this works for me :)
Now i think of it, the whole if statement can be:

if (empty($rows[$r]->images)) {
$rows[$r]->images = $txtimgelsr[1][0];

Other than this, very nice module :]