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A really great module, really. But there's one problem which makes it painful to use, when you have different login modules.

You can't exclude specific module with the instruction for JotCache, you can only disable all "left" and all "right" modules. Etc.

I have jFusion login module on "right" position, and on other pages on "left" position. I must exclude them, because caching makes people log off after cache expires (each 15 minutes!), and when we try to log-in, "Invalid Token" message appears. No wonder, as login (and register!) modules MUSN'T be cached.

Is there a way to exclude only 1 module on the "left" and 1 module on the "right"? I can't figure it out, but we need it urgently. You can check the problem on our site: (www)ddopl(com).

I'd be VERY grateful for easy solution! Otherwise, we can't use JotCache...
Owner's reply

I looked on your website. The easiest way is here to exclude both "left" and "right" positions from caching. Then all modules on these positions are not cached. When you like to cache all others moduls but exclude only Login module from catching then split your template on more positions on left as well as right side (on your web site - left1,left2,left3,right1,right2,right3) and assign Login module to left2 respectively right2 positions. For left2 and right2 use jot marking tags

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