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byScotia, February 9, 2010
AutoTweet NG Pro
I have been utilizing AutotweetNG Pro since its conception, and want to thank Ulli for this wonderful component.

Have a Facebook Fan Page? Personal Page? what have you - this component outputs the same "tweet" messages that is does to Twitter. Plans are in the roadmap to provide more detailed output to FB in the future, as there are fewer limitations than Twitter - Just an example of what you can expect from future updates from this great component, and great developer.

This component is very easy to install, update, and maintain - One look at the backend and you will realize the time and hard work that was put into it - Information section is VERY smart for keeping you up to date of the latest versions of the various plugins/components available.

I am using SH404, and Autotweet NG PRO has no problem integrating and working with it, at all.

Options allow you to pick manual or automatic tweeting/FB updates - Roadmap is to provide separate capabilities for both TW and FB instead of together every time.

Sometimes its the little things that matter - the work that has gone into the plugins is amazing - the configurability of details is fantastic!

This component is worth the 9.99 being charged for it, even if it only output to Twitter! And we all know that FB output is a must, so.

Do yourself a favor and pick up this great component - it's THE Social component for Joomla.
byScotia, January 24, 2010
This is a must for any Joomla installation. The component speaks for itself.
Just wanted to comment that I think this is the best way to deal with any google crawl errors you may be having.

As well, for those interested, It took me a few minutes to figure out that when inserting the error url as an REDJ "item" (I was putting the full URL of the error url, and the redirection url and it simply was not working for me) - I needed to put (error url) /old/url/here.html instead of and then the redirected URL as the full url - - After that, this component worked like a charm

At any rate, my thanks to the developer for such a handy extension, I am well on my way to fixing my google errors at this point thanks to this.
byScotia, December 31, 2009
Shape 5 Weather
I have to admit, this module caught my eye as far as looks, and I decided to have a look.

The instructions on the site indicate to drill down to your weather page - and look for: a url with the following format weather code: ASXX0075

Unfortunately, at least for Halifax Canada, the yahoo page does not indicate such a code. It would appear that Yahoo has taken steps to hide this code, perhaps after the author wrote the tutorial.

I am taking further marks from this module, because it uses a data feed thats in my opinion utterly useless.

-the weather data is based on the weather channel ( and I have found that (at least for Canadian cities) the weather couldn't be farther from what environment Canada reports (inaccurate) - always, so when I saw that yahoo was getting this feed themselves from, I knew I would not be utilizing this module on my site at that point regardless.

- Just a heads up for anyone that wants to use this on a Canadian site - weather data VERY inaccurate from!
AutoTweet NG
Ulli has done a fabulous job implementing a system to automatically tweet various events from your joomla site to your twitter account.

I wanted to thank Ulli for taking the time to put this together, and, per my request, also taking the time to put together a plugin (SVN) for Eventlist - thats even Eventlist SVN compatible!

Support is great as well, my forum postings don't sit very long without a reply from the author!

If your thinking about a twitter solution for your joomla site, please take this for a ride, you will not be disappointed.
byScotia, October 7, 2009
I have been using JComments for awhile now, and I can honestly say I believe it to be the BEST Joomla commmenting Component available.

Installation is a snap, plays well with other components like SOBI2 (they have a plugin for SOBI2) and Eventlist.

Permissions tab in settings is incredible for fine tuning, It has built in subscriptions and even allows for importing comments from other systems if your switching over.
byScotia, July 17, 2009
Man, some of the reviews here are hard to understand... are you people for real? one person posted that he never bothered asking for support, because of the posts here, and uninstalled? and that review made it through? lol is there another component's author at work here?

This is by far the best component for classified's that you will find for Joomla. The Forums are very active, with a wide variety of issues, and implementations covered. I can honestly say that any problems I have had (not many), I always found a solutions to, or had an answer provided.

I would suggest anyone turned off by some of the ridiculous negative comments here have a second look, the author is currently back and breathing new life into an already awesome component.

Thanks for this great piece of work Thomas.
byScotia, July 4, 2009
RSS Browser
Just getting into the RSS scene for my site and it did not take me long to find this little gem, and it was the FIRST RSS module I even looked at.

I wanted something to show photo's from a feed, as well as introtext, a one liner link just wasn't doing it... This was EXACTLY what I was looking for! tooltips hovers show the photo from the feed, if no photo, then introtext - if that wasn't enough, links open a lightbox effect with set size over your site for better retention.

I have played with this for only about 10 minutes, installed the module, threw in the rss link - realized my news sections will now rock.

If you utilize RSS news feeds on your site, this is MANDATORY.