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byScottErwinGregory, April 27, 2010
Highlighter GK4
I would love to have given this a good review.

However, I found it quite impossible to do in the absence of ANY PERFORMANCE WHATSOEVER, good bad or indifferent, from this quite glowingly advertised module.

In short the software proved incapable of retrieving date from the db, so, while its display was highly configurable, its interface nothing short of beautiful, despite the fact that it caused no problems whatsoever with other JS driven modules/components on my Site, it was a pointless waste of four-and-a-half hours of careful, by-the-book, installing, 'configurating' and troubleshooting.

If it can't retrieve data for display, it is useless, a grievous waste of my time, and seems rigged to do nothing more than coerce a 'subscription' to a plan that gives access to their 'experts' via forum.

I would love to have had a chance to actually try the product before having to spend money on it.

VERY POOR public relations strategy -- only thing it got me to do was UNINSTALL THE CLUNKER and submit this BAD REVIEW.
byScottErwinGregory, March 13, 2010
Akeeba Backup
To the Developer:
Nicholas, you performed wonderfully under my doubtful scrutiny, and I give you Kudos on the way you were able to manage the particulars of the hitch I was experiencing in using Akeeba.
To any who are reading this, I suggest you take full advantage of the support services of the humble Developer of Akeeba BackUp should you have any difficulties using it.
I took a leap of faith, granted Nicholas privileges I don't even like to admit I have, allowing him access to the administrative back-end of my site. He went in, and in just a matter of minutes (I'm probably under-exaggerating, hehe) he was able to ascertain changes that had been made in a supposedly unrelated aspect of the site, which was causing conflicts with his infinitely useful FREE software.
How he found an old release of JQuery I had nicely tucked away in the conglomerated JS file I have produced for my particular website is beyond me, as it, being minified and obfuscated, is obscured within thousands of lines of otherwise minified and obfuscated script in that file.
Now, most of us would think he would request that I make changes to my website to accommodate his software, but no, Nicholas had other things in mind. It seems he went back to the drawing board and came up with a way to make HIS program accommodate MY website.
Now how's that for responsiveness?!!?
Suffice it to say, Akeeba is EVERYTHING it's cracked up to be, with an excellent mass of readily understandable documentation, and ridiculously responsive personal support.
I highly recommend this software to any who are serious about the development, health, and welfare of their Joomla! website.
Additionally, if there ARE issues, give the Developer a chance, folks, as Akeeba is his baby, and he treats it like such, with constant and loving attention. Not only that, but he's got other people in his corner as well on this, call them 'Aunts' and 'Uncles', who are more than eager to help as well, being the proud protectors of their 'nephew' Akeeba.

Now get back to work!