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byScottJoseph, January 18, 2013
I was very happy with the component I was using to affect a Groupon-like sale when my site was on Joomla! 1.5. But when it became necessary to move up to 2.5, that component wasn't compatible. So I started looking, reluctantly, for something else. Now having used CMGroupbuying a couple of times, I can't believe I was ever satisfied with my previous setup. The functionality is impressive and flexible, the presentation is professional and spiffy, and the supprt, when needed, is incredibly prompt, helpful and extensive. I'm very pleased, and I'm also pleased to recommend it.
byScottJoseph, August 27, 2012
This extension does precisely what I had hoped it would do: it offers suggest reading for articles with the same tags. This keeps the reader engaged and helps to lower the bounce rate, important for SEO. It also inserts social media "like" and "share" buttons, which also helps drive traffic.
After installation, another component was stacking up the social media buttons. I submitted a ticket to the programmer and got an immediate response for the solution. Elapsed time from ticket to fix: 70 minutes. you'll agree that is extraordinary support. I'm pelased to recommend this extension and its programmer.
byScottJoseph, February 25, 2011
AwoCoupon Starter
I've had a Joomla! site for nearly two years, and it's populated with dozens of extensions, but this is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review. Awocoupon was the perfect solution for what I needed. I provide Groupon-like deals for sale on my site. Awo allows me to set the deals up for sale in Virtuemart and then mail certificates -- embedded with unique codes -- to the buyers, who then take them to the establishment to redeem. Along the way, I've had occasion to contact Awo for support help. Seyi ALWAYS answers promptly and thoroughly and never gets frustrated when I have to ask for more clarification (due to my tech ignorance). Yesterday I asked if the module could perform a specific function that would allow me to offer more than one gift certificate at a time (it does that now, but there was one aspect missing). Seyi said that the module wasn't configured that way but that it made sense and he would change it for the next update. That's amazing customer service. Very very pleased.