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I would highly recommend using this extension to show off your photos from Picasa! It's very easy to use and setup. The support is also very good if you run into a problem!

Keep up the good work!!!
byScottSarrells, May 21, 2011
EXP Auto
This component has tons of features and is very flexible to integrate into your own site. Even though it's ready to use right away, basic web skills are very helpful to get the best with most components/modules.

I would highly recommend getting it if you're in the automobile market.
byScottSarrells, July 23, 2010
Very simple and easy to use.

It would be nice to have only one installation package instead of two (module & plugin).

It also appears that the plugin settings for height and width do not work...instead I found it's set in the pausing_up_down_scroller.css file (line 26).

I would still give it a 5 star rating since these issues weren't very critical (IMO).
byScottSarrells, January 7, 2010
iFAQ (former MooFAQ)
Within a few minutes of installing it, I had it fully configured.
There was a compatibility issue however with with Superfishmenu but I quickly found another menu that worked just as well (if not better).